run my life

I’m feeling like my life is extra empty and pointless lately, so I’m inviting the teeming millions for suggestions of things to do during this weekend.

A few ground rules:
[li]I need to continue with my normal life on Monday, so no getting me killed, or fired, or in the hospital.[/li][li]I’m still me, shy and socially awkward, though I will try to push the boundaries where necessary[/li][li]a limited, though certainly adequate budget[/li][/ul]
I’m your Sim.

For starters get the hell off the internet and get yourself into the shower PRONTO!.

You are gonna need it for what we have planned for you.

Clown college!

In the next month, ask twelve women out. :eek:

I promise if you do this, your life will be different in a month! :smiley:

(You don’t believe me? This was the homework my ex was working on when he met me)

Alright, first, we’re turning off free will… alright, now sit there and yell at me. That’s right…
Go skydiving, or bungee jumping, then send all your money to me.

go 48 hours without sleep.

You need a pager that we can send you messages on via the 'net. And a way to respond. And a portable webcam.

Maybe you can turn your car into the Nerd Remote Control Car. :wink:

I think taking a shower is a fine start. Next, put on clothes, but not the clothes you’r normally wear, dress differently tonight. Not TOO differently, just make a few changes. Try that look you’ve been afraid to try until now.

Report back when you’re ready.

I got it Nerd. Drive to Houston tommorow and come party with robgruver and his wimmins! :slight_smile:

Showered, re-dressed (nice slacks, shiny blue shirt, jacket, nice shoes) and reporting for duty. No pics, sorry.

Sky diving sounds fun, I think the closest place to do it is in Dallas, though.

Zyada, I don’t think I meet 12 dateable (+/- 5 years, reasonably close, reasonably attractive) women in a month. Besides, I’m psychologically incapable of pursuing more than one girl at a time, so that brings the number of women I can ask out in a month significantly down.

No mobile internet access yet, but I’ve been very tempted lately.

Where am I going?

They left ya hanging huh? sorry 'bout that. Sounds as though ya look good though. Personally I think you need to find some horn-rimmed glasses and stand in a public place doing your rendition of Buddy Holly songs and report back to us what response/s you received. Hell, toss a hat to the ground with some loose change in it and see if anyone gives you money…

Or, run around for awhile pretending to be a superhero (a mall might be the best place for this…I wouldn’t recommend doing it in an airport).
Just do SOMETHING zany, something you’d laugh your ass off if you saw someone else doing it, and not be overly self conscious about so you fun doing it.
Don’t make me double dog dare you to do something you’d probably rather not, as I can be ruthless at that game

You should do a big fucking rail of coke. I wish I had a big rail of coke to do right now…


Alright, go to your mom’s house, and walk in smoking a huge blunt.

OOOkaay. I am guessing some of you guys aren’t really taking the assignment seriously. :wink:

Nerd, I would be happy to run your life, but if you could see the god awful mess I’ve made of mine you’d tell me to go fly a kite!

However, I will second Zyada’s suggestion. Anytime a woman catches your eye, in the bookstore, in a coffee shop, (I am guessing you aren’t the club type?) approach her! Talk for a few minutes, ask for her number, invite yourself to sit down. Do calm, quiet, “shy-friendly” things. Whatever you do, do NOT go to Houston to be with Rob and his wimmins! From what I hear, it is no place for beginners like us! :wink:

Whatever you do, just get the heck out of the house. Do something. Staying at home on Saturday night is for us old married folks.

All right. So last night I went out to Mojo’s (a pretty nifty all night coffee place here), but didn’t talk to anyone except to order some chai. There were some interesting people to watch, and I did that.
I thought about how I had no idea how to start a conversation with any of them (not that I wanted to for most), and realised that I can probably count on one hand the number of people I’ve introduced myself to in person, just because I wanted to meet them. I need mutual friends. I need people to introduce me to other people. :slight_smile:

Tonight was a little different. I spent the early afternoon trying to help my parents with computer problems via phone (always fun). Then I drove over to my brother’s place in San Marcos and we watched a bunch of anime on dvd. It was a fun way to spend a night.

I’d have loved to walk into my parents’ house smoking a blunt, but I have no way to acquire that. Oh well. It’d be priceless because they’d flip out once, thinking it was a cigarette, and probably actually be relieved when they saw what it really was. :slight_smile:

Deomcritus said

I was just wondering if any of the Dopers around here would do that, so everyone else can feel the vicarious thrill of “being” someone else for a day.

That could be very interesting.