Watched the first two episodes so far. My early impression is that the casting is good (excepting the too old Molly) but the story is straying further from the comics than I would have hoped. Also, the first two episodes have been very slow paced, and with so many characters, I wonder how people not already familiar with the source material will handle it.

Are all of the episodes on Hulu already? I don’t have a Hulu account (anymore), and that’s like the only show I’m interested in… so being able to sign up for just a month to watch all of the episodes is my plan.

Straying far from the comics isn’t necessarily a problem - after all, *Legion *strayed extremely far, and it was all the better for it.

In this case, IMO it isn’t. I’ve now watched all 3 released episodes (out if only 4 produced, is that really all?) and almost nothing has happened. And the show seems to be more about the parents than the children. It might as well be called

Conflicted Parents of Troubled Teens Who Might Possibly Run Away By the End of Episode Four, But Who Knows. Really, the show so far is about runaways who don’t actually, you know, run away.

Also, the effects for Old Lace Are much closer to the 1930s King Kong than to Jurassic Park.

All in all, I’m really let down by what I’ve seen so far. I know it was too much to expect (sometimes funny) crossovers with Spiderman, the X-Men, the Avengers, Cloak & Dagger, and the Punisher like in the comics, but they could at least done a good job on a stand-alone, which I don’t think they have.)

Molly has her hat tho :slight_smile:

Only 3 eps out so far, according to wikipedia there are 10 in the series, running thru to January 9th.

Anyone watching this at all? Season finale is tomorrow, and it has been renewed for a second season.

I have to say that I’m really disappointed in the adaptation. Too simplified, too parent-centric.

who is this show supposed to appeal to? I don’t get why bratty shit-ass teens/tweens are supposed to be so endearing.

I’ve been watching this and I haven’t read the comics. I like the mystery well enough and at least it’s different from the average show on TV. It hasn’t blown me away, though.

My only minor gripe is that the actress they picked to play Molly looks like she could be 27 even though she’s the baby of the group.

The plot of the comics:

[spoiler]The kids all get together each year while their parents have their yearly get-together (there is no major conflict between them, there is no dead extra kid) and find out about the human sacrifice, dig up a few secrets and run away. That much is broadly similar to the TV series. Beyond that, it is quite different–The Pride is one of the most ruthless, most feared crime syndicates on the US west coast. Each family has their own secrets that the kids discover–Alex’s (the black one) parents are the mob bosses and Alex is purely human (with some hacking skills) NIco’s parents are wizards–Nico she takes The Staff of One–each spell can be used only once, so each time she wants to do something similar she has to think of a new way to ask for/do it. It also is magically stored within her body and can only be called forth by Nico shedding her blood. Karolina (the glowy one) and her parents are aliens hiding out on Earth. Molly is a mutant and the child of mutants. Chase’s parents are mad scientists who invent various things (including the power gloves.) And Gert’s parents are time-traveling criminals. The deinonychusis a genetically-engineered gift that they picked up for Gert in the 87th century.

The kids run off in a frog-like artificially-intelligent vehicle (the mentioned but not shown yet Leapfrog) and hide out from their family, and also from the Avengers and the X-Men, who both want to help them, as they are minors out on their own, but the kids don’t want the help. Along the way they also encounter The Punisher, Spiderman, Cloak and Dagger, and the Young Avengers. Other members to join the original six include an android that is the “son” of Ultron, a Super-Skrull, and a child bride encountered during a time travel adventure. Along the way Molly punches the heck out of both The Punisher and Wolverine. Oh, and the reason that The Pride were performing sacrifices was to some vaguely Aztec gods which were gathering strength to rise and destroy the world, promising to allow some (but not all) of The Pride’s members and their children to survive.[/spoiler]

So yeah, the series is quite a bid dumbed-down from the complexities of the comics.

Somehow, this never registered when I read the comic, but in the show, every time the parents say they have a “Pride meeting,” I’m a little :dubious:

Agreed on all counts. It’s fine, a little cheesier than I would like but entertaining enough. I’m kind of iffy on some of the casting — Chase and Karolina in particular look way too old and model-y. On the other hand …

Google tells me she just turned fifteen last month. I think she’s pretty much perfect for the part.

Season two comes out tomorrow, if anybody is interested. (Also if nobody is interested.)