Rupert Murdoch engaged to Mick Jagger's exGF/babymama Jerry Hall

I wasn’t aware they were dating. Kinda funny to me for some reason.

Well, I’m surprised by this, but I don’t know why. I know nothing about her other than she was once with Jagger.

Maybe it’s because I can relate to the attraction to Jagger, but not to Murdock.

She must be really good in bed to nab the super 1%. She has been dating Murdock for three months for goodness sake. But with Jagger and Murdock’s access to so much of the female population, I can’t imagine she could do anything thousands of others don’t do.

I’d guess that the attraction is money, and possibly power.

Wonder if they’ll have blended Christmas dinners?

Maybe it’s true love.

Shades of Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall

Not even close. There was a 62 year age difference with them, where as Rupert and Jerry are only 25 years apart.

Maybe Murdoch is hoping that some of Jagger’s cool will rub off on him by banging Mick Jaggers Ex? What do you buy when you’re a billionaire? An ex rock stars wife I guess? Hope he got her STD tested first! :wink:

I didn’t say it was an exact comparison; just that it reminded me of them

Hereshe is on the cover of Roxy Music’s Siren.

I knew she was a supermodel, but didn’t know she shared an apartment (and evidently risqué acts) with Grace Jones in Paris. And I had forgotten that she was with Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music.

Here’s the wiki

You’re saying it wrong.

And Sympathy for the Devil.

Compared to most of these other wives and girlfriendsof billionaires, a 60-year-old is a match of equals.

I can’t imagine he gives her satisfaction. The very idea is just gross. Why not do a three way with Sheldon Adelson?

It was Kanye who said it-- I ain’t sayin’ she a golddigger but she ain’t messin’ with no broke niggas.

Perhaps she’s highly intelligent and has a strong personality that successful people appreciate? Certainly that seems more plausible than that she gives the world’s best BJs or whatever.

Oh yeah, she’s known for being intelligent, charming - she was dating Bryan Ferry when she met Jagger - she has spent quality time with some pretty sophisticated men.

It’s odd to contemplate that his eldest child is 45 years older than his youngest.

Some Girls :confused: