Rush Limbaugh arrested on prescription fraud charges

I’m still amazed he still has his job.

As long as the supply of morons holds out, Rush has job security.

Do the other three doctors know about this?

I’m confused on the “pleaded not guilty” part; before making a deal, you had to admit to something.

Acutally, no. It was an agreement to not prosecute the charge if certain conditions are met. It is not a court ordered sentence, it is just an agreement between the state’s attorney and Rush (through his lawyers I am sure). No judge involved at this point other than to set bail and take plea. It is a neat way to sweep a lot under the carpet. Done all the time. It will never go to trial unless he gets caught breaking the agreement, in which case the state’s attorney could, if he wishes to, move forward and get the case on the docket.

Apparently the reports of arrest were greatly exaggerated..

It’s the final chapter of a legal issue. Is anyone really surprised?

You’re surprised he still has a job? He’s a radio personality. An entertainer (artist if he was liberal). If addiction were cause for loss of employment, we’d have nothing but trained monkeys starring in feature films. (Sometimes hard to tell the difference, but I digress.)

The hypocracy of his drug rants of yore should keep him pretty humble on that subject for a few years, though.

OTOH, there is nothing more annoying to smokers than a reformed smoker in all the browbeating. The drug rants may actually intensify.

The important point that the sensationalistic headlines leave out is that these are the same prescription fraud charges from three years ago. The initial stories all made it sound like Limbaugh was out scoring yesterday. All of this stuff happened back in 2003, just before Limbaugh tearfully admitted his addiction and went into rehab. Limbaugh fought the prosecutors on the issue of obtaining records from doctors all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, which finally made its decision in December, paving the way for this settlement in which Limbaugh was arrested on a pro forma basis so that he could enter a Not Guilty plea. If he follows the terms of the settlement (18 months of rehab and $30,000 to the state to pay for the investigation), at the end of the 18 months the charges will be dropped.

Here is a link to the only story I could find which mentions that the charges are three years old.

And on preview I see that duffer got there first.

Rush doesn’t look as happy in his mugshot as Tom DeLay did.
Maybe that’s because Rush’s arrest was politically motivated?

SpoilerVirgin, the link in the OP does mention this are not new charges, I agree with what other commentator mentioned in the last link of Squink’s:

duffer: is Rush a movie actor now? :slight_smile:

The questions now are, 2 physicians names in the same bottle? And, is it normal for doctors to use their own names to make Viagra prescriptions?

I can’t address this question directly, but I have to ask why the hell he just didn’t get the prescription properly labeled? I carry three prescription drugs with me all the time and I fly all the time. Even with carryon luggage, they’ve never even been so much as looked at, much less pulled out of the luggage and waved around for the world to see, with the TSA agent shouting “LIPITOR!! THIS POOR ASS HAS…LIPITOR!!!”

Dang. The pill bottles are not gonna trip the alarms…if he’s all that worried, why not just put the bottle in his pocket and walk through the metal detector?

This just sounds really stupid on his part, if the facts are correct.