Rush Limbaugh is Deaf

Just saw this today. Will this mean he gets even louder?

AAArgh!!! Oh, the symbolism!! The irony! It hurrrrttttsss!!!


It worked!

Now…lessee…to make him BLIND, first I need to feed a consecrated wafer to a toad, which is then burned and the ashes mixed with the blood of an unbaptized infant, the powdered bones of a hanged man, and…[sub] mumble mumble mumble

I know this is a gag, and I know I’m being oversensitive, but being deaf isn’t a curse.

Let’s see, you want him deaf and blind? Aren’t there enough democrats now???


I’m having the mother of all karmic guilt pangs right now.

Damn, that just doesn’t make any sense! Suddenly deaf in three months! What could cause that, since he says it’s not genetic? Disease? Diet? A huge bass woofer mounted in the trunk of his car?

Can it be reversible?

Gee. What a laugh riot. A guy suddenly goes deaf. Har har har. Oh yeah, you don’t like him politically, so that means you can jump up and down and gloat because he’s suddenly lost his hearing.

I saw my sister go legally blind within a few weeks. We didn’t know what was causing it until it was too late. It was frustating, and tragic.

I’m sure Rush Limbaugh and his family and loved ones are going through an equally difficult time. My heart goes out to him. I’d feel sorry for Bill Clinton if it happened to him (and I SO don’t like Bill Clinton).

What the fuck is the matter with you people? Taking pleasure in someone’s suffering isn’t cool, even if it’s Limbaugh.

Well, I went deaf & that’s why we want more access, that way when YOU become deaf, like Rush, the world is accessible for you. His program is captioned BTW.

Francesca said

You’re right. The curse part was when they made him Rush.

At the risk of being an ignoramous, how is his show captioned? Do you mean a TV show? I’ve only ever heard of him on the radio.

Yeah, I know. I’m not a very nice person. I’m also enjoying Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s more than a Good Christian should.

Is it only political people that you revel in, Uke? Because I’ve got arthritis in my back that makes me feel like there’s ground glass in there. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face to know I’m suffering.

Glad to help!


Zette, it’s not the physical pain I’m finding funny. Your arthritis isn’t funny. It wouldn’t be funny if Rush had arthritis.

I think what most of us are laughing at is the twisted sense of irony that goes along with his condition. Here is a guy who built his personal empire by being a big loudmouth. And now he can’t hear himself talk.

It’s not Rush’s deafness that’s funny. It’s the IDEA of Rush’s deafness that’s funny.

::glances in, nods thoughtfully, moves several respect pegs a few rungs down, moves on::

Carry on.

Go ahead.

Enjoy yourselves.

Make sure everyone knows how pleased you are that a successful, nationally-syndicated radio talk show personality whose political philosophy you just happen to disagree with is now permanently disabled.

It is well known that all who ever got a chance to know him on a personal level hold him in high regard as a man of charm, wit, and good character. He never stooped to the point of revelling in the random misfortunes of those he disagreed with. This is one of the hallmarks of good character, a quality that is clearly lacking among posters here.

And though I realize that the fact that you are engaging in such revelry suggests a type of person unlikely to care about my opinion, I will agree with Drastic. My respect for you has dwindled and I no longer feel compelled to attempt to engage you in any sort of reasoned debate.

So I’ll leave you to continue celebrating the occasion. In the meantime I will be lamenting the fact that a hero of mine has been so sorely afflicted.

Oh, sorry, Zette, I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday & got him confused with Larry King, who has a captioned tv show. Well they all seem the same to me :slight_smile:

…and Lee Atwater.

At the risk of ending up in the Pit and/or being somehow ironically afflicted later in life…

Now if he loses his eyesight, he’ll be deaf dumb and blind…