Rush Limbaugh provides rock solid proof President Obama was an academic failure

Wow… until I saw this I thought all those Republican accusations were BS, but with this rock solid evidence it looks like the game is up.

You do understand he’s spoofing Reid’s allegations about Romney, right?

If I were Leo Bloom, I’d sue. Limbaugh is filching his schtick.

Well as much as I hate Rush, he’s lampooning Reid and his Romney-paid-no-taxes story, isn’t he?

He only skipped class sometimes? Sounds like a model student to me.

I wonder if Rush knows the difference between Harvard Law School and Harvard College.

I say we nuke his Florida dacha from orbit. It’s the only way.

No. Over too quickly. Let me duel him leftist-handed.

Didn’t he [del]promise[/del] threaten to move out of the country at one point? Does he need more packing boxes or something?

ETA: Yup ( )

I’m lost. Wouldn’t Limbaugh listeners be glad Obama didn’t go to classes at Harvard? I mean, it’s Harvard.

Heh. good point. :slight_smile:

I have little to say about Mr. Limbaugh, except perhaps, “bless his heart.”
However, this is pretty dang funny in an absurd way.
I have to remind myself occasionally that he is only an entertainer, regardless of his stature as a wise and powerful pundit in the minds of many if not most.
This little piece helps my recall immensely.

Does the OP understand that this appears to be a parody of Reid’s Romney attack, and not a legitimate claim from Limbaugh?

(Admittedly, it’s not like Limbaugh has such a high journalistic standard that this conclusion is obvious.)

Whooshed by Limbaugh?

If I wasn’t bald already my hair would be mussed!

Wow… I think that’s one of the saddest things that could ever happen to a person. If it were me, I might be almost suicidal over having typed something like that in public.

And Reid’s attack on Romney is itself a “spoof” of the whole Obama birth certificate meme. See how it works?

Likewise, when it was a popular Repub pass-time to mock Al Gore for allegedly claiming he had invented the Internet (which was a grotesque Repub exaggeration in the first place, to say the least), Trent Lott made a speech in the Senate, claiming to have created the paper clip. (This was in 1999 I think.)

Someone told me Rush Limbaugh is a moron. And look at that, it’s Rush himself.

Another case of Rush to judgement.

I fervently dislike Rush and all he stands for, but if it is a parody, good on him. The whole Romney tax thing is ridiculous and I’m embarrassed some liberals have latched on to it. At least he’s criticizing something real for a change.

That’s not as clear to me.

If you were to say that Reid’s attack on Romney was inspired by the birth certificate meme, I’d be more inclined to agree, but a spoof means, IMO, that the spoofiness – the non-seriousness – be obvious.