Rush Limbaugh: "When women got the right to vote is when it all went downhill "

No, really.

You can hear it here.

Why isn’t this in the Pit?

I for one am shocked that a conservative shock jock would say something shocking.

I think he says this sort of stuff from time to time for publicity and because he knows that it outrages people who don’t listen to his show. So the best thing is to ignore it.

Didn’t he say something like this a long time ago? Or am I confusing him with some other backwards windbag?

Why haven’t more people caught on to this jackass’ schtick yet? As soon as people stop paying attention to him, he says something “shockingly sexist”. Just ignore the little pissant.

I didn’t have the energy to work up a Pitworthy rant.

Isn’t Rush’s audience base mainly older, white, blue-collar males? In which case, he’s just saying what they often believe. Only shocking if you aren’t in that group.

He is very effective at what he does.

Sorry, I’m wrong. Found site with stats:

Which shows his audience is overwhelmingly white and male and old, but educated and fairly wealthy.

This does not actually cheer me up.

So were umkay, VC03 and Ceasario…

Seriously?! I mean, they all grew up well after 1920.

IIRC Ann Coulter said the country would be better off if women never got the vote.

Pfff. It’s not the vote that’s the issue; it’s giving them the right to work. And at equal wages!

Rush seriously needs to brush up on his facts.

Don’t leave out the whole ‘having babies at will’ thing.

But only if he can watch.

Meh, can’t get worked up about it, nothing he hasn’t implied or said in some other manner a thousand times. And besides that’s exactly what he() wants*, to get me/us worked up about it. It’s shockjockery. Howard Stern talks to porn queens about his penis, Rush L rants asininely about “feminazis”.
(*… and Coulter)

Every show he throws some excreta out to see if any of it sticks and mostly it doesn’t or at least not beyond his core following; the Sandra Fluke incident was an unusual blip in that he got more serious pushback, from a broader segment, than he expected.

Really, save for unleashing the hounds on any GOP candidate or hierarch who said the unright thing during the primary campaign, recently he had been mostly “phoning it in”, as the street-level Teabaggers often ran way ahead of him. Specially when he can’t personalize the attack and tires to riff on issues alone, he often fails.

Did you listen to the clip? Rush was responding to a caller who questioned whether it was wise to have given 18 year-olds the right to vote, when Rush say’s “I’ll do you one better. When WOMEN got the right to vote…” completely derailing the discussion. The caller was literally speechless, and then feebly tried to move the conversation back on track. It was awkward, even for the Rush show.

I doubt repealing women’s suffrage is actually popular among any significant group, even older, white, blue-collar males. And at least one presumable member of that group seemed to be shocked that Rush actually spouted that nonsense.

Got a cite? I know “this one thing I think I remember I heard this one time” is strong enough outside of Great Debates, but I’d be pretty amazed if that’s an honest Ann Coulter quote in context.

Well it did go downhill for a group of people, perhaps not ultimately, but it would seem like a setback to people of some mindsets.