Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 2)


A товарищ is a sandwich?

ISW report has concluded Putin will continue trying conventional attacks in Ukraine. Interesting analysis. I hope they’re correct.

I see the point that Putin is counting on a harsh winter without adequate electricity to make a difference in Ukraine.

How about Russian forces? They will face similar problems with electricity and heating. Where ever possible, Ukraine should cutoff occupied regions from the grid.

It’s always interesting when non-fascists slip through the propaganda net on Russian state TV.

He should stay on the 1st floor of any and all buildings.

It’s reported that Colonel general Lapin, commander of the forces of the Russian Central Military District that oversees fighting in eastern Ukraine, has been dismissed. He has been the target of criticism from Kadyrov and Prigozhin.

It’s well known that rapid, repeated changes at the top of your command structure are the best way to get peak performance from your army.

I’m envisioning Lapin doing some version of the Snoopy dance after hearing that.

What happens when Russia runs out of generals?

Provided he doesn’t dance too close to an open window, of course.

Given that it’s General Lapin, surely rather than a Snoopy dance it should be a Bugs Bunny dance.

Some know the truth of the matter, it just takes big brass balls to speak it in that regime. “This is their Great Patriotic War,” indeed.

The US had a front seat in securing Ukraine’s networks.
I’m surprised they’re allowed to say anything. This is crucial experience for our cyber security specialists that can help secure US networks.

It’s worth pointing out that casualties (including fatalities) from rollover accidents were common enough for US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan that they actually developed rollover-trainers. Basically, an MRAP or a humvee setup on a hydraulic system to… physically roll the vehicle upside down. Just to get oriented to extricating oneself from such a situation, and to emphasize the importance of wearing seatbelts and securing equipment within the vehicle (so as not to have everything flying all over the place as the vehicle upturned).

The idea, of course, was to be inside the armored vehicle as it was moving. The gunner’s position was a particularly dangerous one to be in. Not only for the obvious danger of being exposed to enemy fire or IED blasts, but also precisely because one was liable to end up with the vehicle on top of them (resulting in a fatality) if it rolled over. The official story was we were supposed to try real hard to grab the gunner by the legs and pull them in if it looked like the vehicle was in danger of rolling over. Don’t know how successful that would have been.

Anyway, not sure why these Russian troops would be riding on but outside the vehicle, particularly while being actively shelled. Seems like a pretty stupid idea. But such is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Stupid.

The thing is, we don’t know what actually happened. Maybe the NVG only existed on paper. Maybe someone where they were warehoused stole them. Maybe the officer that’s complaining actually sold them. Maybe the troops are sending them home because they have gotten used to sending everything they looted home. For all we know, front line troops got toilet paper rolls with NVG printed on them.

That doesn’t help, he’ll just be a suicide or murder - suicide if he has a family.

Probably more like at the end of a rope. Putin doesn’t seem to like failure much.

Luckily, Russia was always top heavy with officers. Everyone will just move up a rank. At this time next year, all their generals will have been lieutenants when the war started.

Well, that thermal imager’ll buy you half a gallon of vodka, won’t it?

When you consider how the Russian state has historically used vodka to keep the populace downtrodden and complacent, it should be no surprise that the rank and file are willing to toss out vital supplies for their next buzz.

In my mind canon, this is how armies get better: generals promoted during peace get replaced by officers with real world combat experience in the current conflict. Of course, those are usually the successful officers, and those appear in short supply for Russia in the current special operation.

Glad tbe UN is taking action. Seems likely they’ve learned the safe route through the mines by observing the previous trips.

Let’s hope new mines haven’t been put in place.

The dismissal of General Lapin means that all five of Russia’s senior commanders - commanders of Russia’s four primary military districts and the airborne forces (VDV) - who led the invasion of Ukraine in February have been relieved.

Could there be a Russian Ulysses S Grant waiting in the wings somewhere?