Russia invades Ukraine {2022-02-24} (Part 2)

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I’m kinda sad this is my most successful thread, in terms of replies. War is never fun for those involved, except maybe a few homocidal psychopaths out there.

‘Over the counter canoe, shortened at stern’.

Is that Russian? It would seem the Ukrainians need to sink ships.

That gave me a chuckle. Maybe they should look at kayaks, they already have most of the top covered.

I wondered why they didn’t use electric motors for these, but I guess they did. Not stealth by any means, but much harder to locate by sound.

“Where’s the ka-boom?!? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering ka-boom!”

Here’s one. I wonder what that would do to a ship.

Something like this, I suppose.

That was a terrorist improvised weapon against American military hardware. This is a Ukrainian improvised weapon against Russian military hardware, so I’m hoping for an even bigger effect. :grin:

Wikipedia says the boat used in the USS Cole bombing was carrying around 400 to 700 pounds (180 to 320 kg) of C4 explosives molded into a shaped charge against the hull of the boat.

The payload of a Harpoon anti-ship missile is 488 pounds (221 kg).

Here’s a Harpoon missile with people for scale:

Here’s a Mark 48 torpedo, with a payload of 647 pounds (293 kg):

I like the AHAMAY outboard on the Houthi one.

Mirror symmetry.

Reports of more explosions in Sevastopol tonight.

Yeah, I know it was flipped. Still like it.

The Russians have pulled out of the agreement on grain shipping due to the attacks on their fleet. But if the Ukrainians can take out enough of the fleet, Russia won’t be able to enforce the grain blockade anyway.

The Black Sea Fleet is used to fire Kalibr cruise missiles at Ukraine:

Yes, this is typical of Russia, and should piss everyone off in the entire world.

Russia uses it’s ships to strike Ukraine’s civilian electricity infrastructure, with the intent of causing as much suffering to civilians as possible. In a war that they started, to seize another country’s territory.

And when Ukraine attacks the military targets that are firing missiles at civilian targets, what does Russia do? Threatens to cut off grain exports to civilians in other countries, where the food is much needed.

Russia is a world pariah, and needs to be cut off from the entire world.

Russia, Trump, Musk, Maga, Covid-deniers, flat-earthers, etc …

I really stopped caring about their communications - I found it’s simply not worth giving them precious minutes of my life.

I am sure there are plenty of others who will gladly jump on their shit … so no need for me to do this ;o)

interesting vid that gives some vision on the intensity of life in a war …

A thread on Russia’s use of fake news:

What driver doing?