Russia secretly offered bounties to kill US Soldiers

But if they were also paying off Trump, then that makes him smart

While the NY Times makes mistakes sometimes, it seems unlikely they would run with such a big story without some corroboration. They aren’t Fox News, after all. Plus, the Trump administration is already denying that he or Pence saw the intelligence, not denying the intelligence itself. They are obviously lying, since it’s a day that ends in Y.

Yes. The reports are quite plausible.

I’m waiting to hear how Trump’s enablers deal with this. My guess is that Lindsey Graham, MoscowMitch, and the rest, will simply ignore it. There will be no attempts at spin other than maybe ‘it’s unconfirmed’ and the like.

Truly deplorable.

The latest from the Lincoln Project:

Now, the Director of National Intelligence is also claiming that neither Trump nor Pence was briefed on this murder of American troops. First of all, they’re almost certainly lying, because that’s what this administration does. However, on the tiny probability that they are telling the truth, it’s pretty bad that they are keeping such important intelligence from the president and vice president. I assume the DNI will be resigning immediately. Second, Trump and Pence now definitely know about this, so Trump took the dramatic step of…going out to play golf.

I know we have a few Trump supporters left here – care do defend this behavior, this incompetence (either at the top or at the office of the DNI)? If Trump did know about this and still tried to get Russia into the G8 summit, would you call this actual treason?

Nice thing is, they can keep the logo!

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Not a Trump supporter but were I in the Intelligence community I would be very careful what I presented to Trump because he is stupid and cant keep his mouth shut. Its better to keep secrets away from him and wait for the next President.

And the Mujahideen. The Taliban did not exist until Mohammed Omar came to power.

Not a Trump supporter, but I know a few very vocal Trump supporters, and the defense is that this is just a lie. I don’t think that even they can manage the cognitive dissonance of applauding a man who hugs the flag while betraying our military, so they just pretend that it doesn’t exist.

Putin won’t just deny it, he will do so “Very strongly”.

Yes, both Putin and Taliban leaders deny this “strongly”, but not convincingly.

Honestly, I’m surprised the U.S. military is letting people who kill their troops live long enough to collect a bounty.

It’s doubtful that the actual “soldiers*” on the ground get the payment, but the Taliban leaders.

*I use the term “soldier” very loosely.

“Silent. Weak. Controlled.”

The Lincoln Project is KILLING it on ads designed to get directly under Trump’s skin.

This is going to shock you, but it seems that the President and others in his administration, when they denied knowing this information, seems to have been lying!

Not that Trump reads the briefings, Or listens to them since he can’t read. But I suspect that here we go again…

Who’s the rat? Who squealed on me? I want to know their name NOW!

I guess even his moron sycophants aides do the right thing a few times.

Donald Trump saying it.

See? It was easy to imagine.

Doesn’t really matter in this case. What’s Trump going to do? Tell Putin?

Here’s what’s being posted as a rebuttal of sorts on the Facebook pages of people I happen to know. I got a headache reading it.