Russian singer: He's a scream!

In the fine, fine tradition of the “Ya-ya-ya-ya-yaya-ya” Russian singer, I present a new generation of Russian vocalists.

Give the video about a minute to run. Believe me, it’s worth the wait.
He has been around for a while; I apologize if Mr. Vitas has been remarked upon here in the past. :slight_smile:

Let me just add in case I was too oblique – I can’t stop laughing hysterically at this guy.

And unfortunately the trololo dude passed a few months ago =(

OK, interesting. Serious high notes and he is very pretty for a man =)

This video is the complete package and has given me a scrunchy face. I mean, hooded performers? :dubious:

Just another detail to love. WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

My protracted period of mourning for the trololol guy has lifted at last.

Anybody remember Klaus Nomi?

He certainly can hit the high notes. No question about that. But I don’t think the tro lo lo guy has been unseated as far as weirdness.

This guy at least looks and moves more or less like a human being, as opposed to Mr. tro lo lo who moved like some kind of animatron and looked like his makeup was applied by a mortician.

Bilateral orchiectomy is the first thing that came to mind.

You people are no fun.

It cracked me the fuck up if that helps.

@EllenCherry: Thanks for the link! This is exactly the sort of fluffy Russian pop music I love!

Not that long ago. Eduard Khil died on June 4.

When I heard that first “yaaaaah”, I immediately thought “male soprano”:

I’ll bet this guy drove the neighbor’s dog nuts when he was a teenager…

Curse you, I’ve been listening to this all weekend! Its so strangely catchaawwUUUHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhaaauuuuhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHEEEEEEEE!

This guy looks like Vladimir Putin…before he went bald!:smiley:

That is amazing. The “choreography,” the scarf, the hooded musicians, the ear-splitting but actually on-key screeching… Kafka meets Total Eclipse of the Heart?

Perhaps not.

Obviously so were the musicians, hence the hoods.

don’t forget the waving arms, and the crashing cymbols.

my boy cats find it disturbing, one runs under furniture, the other swivels his ears so fast his head spins.

my girl cat (who knows russian) just pays it no mind.

Wow. That is weird, good, entertaining.

What’s with the bags over the heads of the instrumentalists? Don’t they want to be recognized performing with him?