Russian translation: The Boondock Saints

Seeing this thread reminded me of something that - I had a discussion with a Russian-speaking friend once about the bar scene in The Boondock Saints - specifically, the brothers speaking in Russian. She said she didn’t think the subtitles were accurate, but she couldn’t make out what they said, so I was wondering if any dopers could give a proper translation?
Apologies if this should be in Cafe Society - I figured since it’s translation-specific, GQ would be better, but please move if necessary.

It’s mostly unintelligible to me, except the “,Ivan” part at the end which is subtitled correctly. I can’t make out a single other word.

I heard from a friend who actually speaks russian, that they are just making meaningless sounds. Or at least not speaking Russian. They scrw up with Russian later on as well, when they introduce the russian crimelord as Yuri Petrova, while Petrova is only possible for women; a man would be called Petrov.