Rusty Is A Homosexual

Sort of like Highlights™ magazine…only not :stuck_out_tongue:

Good for Rusty.


Holy cow!
You amaze me yet again Dave.
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, or go out and buy a dog leash and hunt down firemen.

That line is beautiful.

My fav:


Where on EARTH did you find that?

heee heee!

Is the smokey smelling fireman a bear? If he is…I am in love! :wink:

Oh my goodness… that is funny! :slight_smile:

I liked this part:

Where do you find these things? Hee hee hee! :smiley:

In the next installment, Goofus and Gallant fight over who is going to enjoy hot monkey sex with Rusty.

Amusing. :smiley:

Good for Rusty. :slight_smile: I also hope the fireman is a big burly bear…yum… Do you have any other links like that one?