Rutgers paying Snooki $30K to speak

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to wipe up a big pile of puke with my diploma.

I would point out that the date on that story is April 1st.

One can only hope, anyway.

A lot more background and discussion here. The adminstration had nothing to do with it. It was the students choice to invite her.

Rutgers officials make no apologies for ‘Jersey Shore’ star Snooki’s $32K appearance on campus

It looking at that list of past spakers it is amazing what Rutgers is willing to pay some D list celebs to speak.

I know.

My father sent me to old Rutgers,
And resolv’d that I should be a man (or a woman);
Paid thousands o’ bucks a year,
(for some yutz to appear?)
To see the flanks of some Old Harridan?


Oh the Flanks of the old Harridan, my boys,
where old Rutgers ever more shall stand,
For was she not punched in the face at a club?
Oh the Flanks of the Old Harridan…

Ha! Awesome.

LC '97

I think this quote sums up the event and many of our nations young people:



If he doesn’t understand the outcry, he prolly shouldn’t be at Rutgers, IMO.

I don’t get the outcry either, really. She’s not doing the commencement speech. Seems like her appearance is just on the same level as getting a comedian to perform or paying for a performer like Katy Perry.

Yeah, big whoop. She’s a popular entertainment figure and college students are pretty much the prime demographic for Jersey Shore.

Entertainer? So how will she provide entertainment, get drunk and sleep with some random guy?

Beats me. I assume she will talk about tanning and then go to the gym. I never said I liked Jersey Shore. (I mean, I might, I’ve never seen it. I know I wouldn’t want to go listen to her speak but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand that others would.)

I don’t know guys…

Snooki, drunk and whore-y she may be, but she’s been able to parlay a one-shot on a dating show to a multi-million dollar showbiz career. I wish I had had her balls and ability to think that way when I was in my early twenties.

I’m not sure why people hate her so much - you know she’s playing a role, right?

Haters gonna hate.

Snooki is wiping up her own vomit after a fun drunk filled night with 30,000 dolla bills.

Raises the bar on the cost of getting her to shut up, doesn’t it?

While Ms. Polizzi is receiving $32,000 to give an address, Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison will be delivering Rutgers’ commencement address for a fee of $30,000.

This “university” should be burned to the ground and the ashes salted.

Does Toni Morrison have a hit tv show right now that appeals to the college audience? And does she have an agent who can get her $32k? Guess not.

The headline for the articles about this “atrocity” should be “College’s Student Entertainment Board Spends Entertainment Budget on Entertainment That Appeals to Students.”

Does that clear things up for everyone? Save your anger for the headline that reads “College’s Young Democrat Society Spends Yearly Speaker Budget to Hear the Political Opinions of Jersey Girl.”

Haters gonna hate? What the hell does that mean anyway?

I don’t hate her. I am befuddled, flummoxed and just plain bewildered by the interest in these people. I’d think that if college students enjoyed watching a bunch of twenty-somethings get drunk and act stupid they’d have plenty of opportunity to see that first hand what with them being college students and all.

This is not the comment of someone who is befuddled, flummoxed and bewildered. Or are you really going to spin this as an ingenuous inquiry into Snooki’s act?

PS: haters gonna hate is a slang phrase meaning some people are gonna hate you regardless so give their opinion the attention it deserves(none to almost none) and move on.

At least you’re putting it to use.

Actually the student is charged a mandatory activity fee. So I think the college can be blamed for this.