Fuck Jersey shore...

I was just watching Billy Idol videos and I say Billy’s fist pump rules.

Fuck New Jersey!

I hear Billy Idol is doing Snooki.

Billy’s fist and Snooki’s twat. I can see it.

Who isn’t?

What the fuck are you people talking about?

Jersey Shore.

Don’t click the link. Forget you ever heard of Jersey Shore. You’ll be a better person for it.

Everything I know about Jersey Shore I (literally) learned from Dan O’Brien.

Worst Thing To Happen To The East Cost Since 9/11.

A Review of the Porno Knockoff


I learned about the existence of Jersey Shore at the Grammys, I think it was, when they had some extremely strange-looking orange person on, and were talking to him like I should know who he was. Yeah, my life hasn’t been improved by the knowledge.

ETA: Better yet, watch this version of Jersey Shore. :smiley:

What/who is a Snooki? I ain’t clicking any of those links. I’ve heard of Jersey Shores though. Is she some eye-tile-yan wannabe girlfriend of a pop topped douche bag?

Basically. A miracle of modern science - both of the saline and the spray-on kind.


Everyone, she spent the whole show striking out!

Not to be confused with a snuke.


<Native New Jerseyan>These people aren’t from New Jersey. They’re from New York. We do not want them in New Jersey. Hell, I live on the other side of the continent, and I do not want them in my home state. These people are from Long Island or some other terrible New York place, and they come and invade northern New Jersey, and they’re stupid and obnoxious and horrible people who should be stopped by force if necessary, and then we should round up the MTV producers who thought this show was a good idea, and force them to sit on the beach until they get skin cancer and die, and then bludgeon their corpses just for fun.</NNJ>

Believe it or not, the Jersey shore (the place) is actually incredibly nice. Don’t go any further north than Island Beach State Park, because once you do it’s full of guidos. But honestly, I grew up in NJ and if you asked me to name my favorite shore town I can only narrow it down to two - Sea Isle City and Avalon are both just lovely, quaint places. Cape May is a great little town. Wildwood has it’s kitschy charm. Margate has a six-story elephant (and there’s no way that’s not awesome)! Hell, Atlantic City’s not to my particular tastes, but if you’re that type of person it’s got a ton to offer. And even if you think that the beach should just be left as untouched as possible - Island Beach State Park is exactly that: I haven’t been there in ages, but there’s no boardwalk, no shops, no beach tags, just the sand and water and you.

Seriously, I’m the first to admit that New Jersey has plenty of honest problems, but much of the shore is really nothing like you may imagine.

When I lived in Philly, Wildwood’s charm to me was that each weekend in the summer, all the people I didn’t want to have any contact with disappeared from my local bar and went down there. It fulfilled a very useful social function for me.

Is Jersey Shore a sequel to Growing up Gotti?

More guido trash?

Wait, this pit is about a TV show? I thought that guy just really hated New Jersey.

Well some are from New Jersey. But mostly they are from the Outer Boroughs or Long Island (I think the one guy is actually from Providence, RI).

Seaside Heights where the show is filmed is the one of biggest crapholes on the Jersey Shore. Places like Spring Lake or Manasquan or Long Beach Island are actually pretty nice. You’re still going to get the guido factor though.
Not being a native from New Jersey, it’s surprising to me how no one from New Jersey thinks they are like the Jersey Shore cast. To me you all seem like a bunch of meatheads. One day, I’m getting my hair cut on my way back from my gym in Hoboken (I know that sounds really guido). The girls there are all complaining about how that show misrepresents NJ but then they proceed to tell stories about so and sos girlfriend breaking her boyfriends face with a roundhouse kick because she caught him cheating on her.

Jersey is pure class.:dubious:

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Gaaaaaaaahhhh!!!. I couldn’t help myself and Googled “Snooki.” That is one hideous girl.:eek: