Rutherford Falls (streaming TV series)

Have any of you seen Rutherford Falls? It’s a sitcom on the Peacock streaming service, starring Ed Helms, who created and produced the show along with Michael Schur (whom you might remember from shows like The Office, Parks & Recreation and The Good Place). Helms plays Nathan Rutherford, who operates a successful museum focused on his ancestor, the town founder. His best friend, Reagan Wells, is a Native American woman who runs a less-successful cultural center about her tribe’s history and culture. The tribe are the original residents of the land where the town is located.

The show is big on Native representation, with Sierra Teller Ornelas, the third creator of the show, a member of the Navajo tribe. Also a some of the writers and characters are also Native.

All ten episodes were released on April 22, and I’ve seen about half of them.

Sounds interesting, but I’m at about my limit paying for streaming services. Is this available with the free version of Peacock, or is it part of the premium content?

Actually, I don’t know. I have Comcast cable so I think I get the premium version of Peacock (although not the super-premium version that is commercial free).

According to this page, “Stream the first three episodes for free. Stream all episodes with Peacock Premium.”