Ryan Seacrest bitten by shark

He is expected to survive. Legislation proposing a new national holiday has been withdrawn.

So those rumors are true? Who knew.

Not even the shark wanted him. Took a bite out of him and was probably like., “Yuck.”

As usual, he was probably venting chum.

I’m not exactly sure what that means.

Or, the shark said “Seacrest… out!” {barump-bum!}

Thanks folks, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal and eggplant, it’s Chef Vinnie’s specialty!

(Just how does one mistake a shark for a “stick”?)

I always thought Sanjaya would be the first one to be bitten by a shark, though I’ve no real reason to.

Well, he says shark, but it sounds more like a dogfish, which barely constitutes a nip.

It was probably seaweed.

Poor shark. There’s got to be counselling somewhere out there…

I know there’s a thread in the Pit right now about the inappropriateness of gloating/celebrating when people whose beliefs/behaviour you dislike suffer a terrible illness . . .

. . . but this is totally different right? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Go sharks!! If only they’d had giant frickin’ laser beams . . . .

Yep, them sharks will nip atcha’ if you jump 'em too low.

We’re gonna need a bigger gloat.

So, can we have a moritorium on the ‘don’t be a jerk’ threads for a minute or two? Cause I really like this. yeah, yeah, I like this.

Is the shark alright? I wonder if the shark has more personality than Dick Clark at this point though.

This thread has now officially jumped.

You know, I’m the first to admit to being hopelessly out of touch with a lot of modern entertainment. I’ve heard the name Ryan Seacrest forever without ever knowing who the hell he was.

Who is he and why are y’all happy he was chomped?

He’s a weirdly tan midget that hosts “American Idle” and like 23 different TV and radio shows all about shallow celebs. He also may be the antichrist.

Maybe it wasn’t a shark. Maybe Simon Cowell has taken up scuba diving.

Groan. :slight_smile: