S. King considering a "Shining" sequel?


Good news? Bad? What do you think?

He’s run out of good ideas. A sequel would be fine for me.

Isn’t Under the Dome getting the best reviews of his career?

Has anyone else read Black House? His revisiting a child character as an adult is not something we should feel encouraged by.

This might not be true.

Right now there’s only one source saying he’s writing it. Seeing as this was at a big event, you figure more people would be announcing it.

If so, it’s because nobody wants to piss him off.

I don’t think reviewers are being honest about King anymore, if they ever were. Used to be the thing to dismiss him as a hack. But he turned out some good stuff, some of which was made into even better movies, and then (I think) reviewers started taking him (and his fans) seriously. His short stories are published in The New Yorker, Esquire, Atlantic Monthly, and he got that special award that pissed some people off. He handled that with grace and some humility. And he has a regular column in Entertainment Weekly where he says good things about other writers. So it’s easy to like him, especially if you agree with his politics.

So anyway, reviewers are now in a position where they can’t dismiss him. They can’t like everything he does (that’d be toadying), but they have to like some of it (so they won’t be accused of elitism). It’s Under the Dome’s turn to be liked. Just watch – the next thing he does will actually be good and the critics won’t like it. :slight_smile:

And seriously, Twilight gets good reviews and has won a buttload of awards. How can anyone trust reviewers?

Well, it’s hard to review King books, because you can’t really give a separate review to various fractions of the book. For example, Duma Key had a fantastic, say, first three fifths. The second two fifths has no business voting in any general election. It you can grant an award for the first seven eighths. The Dark Tower as a series, four out of seven, maybe three depending on who the voters are.

SK’s actually put up a poll on his official message board:


A sequel might be good – if King can resist the temptation to shovel a lot of Dark Tower-universe crap in there. Insomnia, Hearts in Atlantis and Black House (which I could only get maybe 100 pages into) were all promising-at-the-beginning novels ruined by that. I’ve avoided the Dark Tower series for a reason and I seriously dislike bits of it popping up everywhere.

Oh no! Please don’t do this, Steve. Leave it alone. Why don’t you write a book about…a lamp! A scary lamp!

And that key Ben Franklin used to test lightning? It opened the gates of Hell!

… before the world moved on.