Sabretooth Abilities

Whare are Sabretooth’s mutant powers?

From the Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe’s Sabertooth article:

So really he’s a lot like Wolverine?

Yea, he’s always been just like Wolverine. I didn’t know he got adamantium bones though.

I THINK Apocalypse gave him the adamantium bones, circa Wolverine #100.

The Paradise X series revealed that Wolverine and Sabretooth aren’t mutants, but are actually unmutated human beings descended from caveman times (and strongly hinted that Wolverine is a direct descendant of Moon Boy). This sounds highly dubious in regular Marvel continuity, but hey, I thought it was funny.

Nope. Sabretooth was part of the Weapon X project as well.

But he didn’t have adamantium bones until just recently.

Does he now have the long, super-sharp claws like Wolverine has?

I was watching “X-Men: Evolution” just the other day, and it occurred to me that Sabretooth really didn’t look like much of an enemy for Logan… stronger, yes… but his “ordinary” claws wouldn’t go through Logan’s bones, while Logan could have easily sliced Sabretooth’s skull right in half.

As opposed to unmutated humans NOT decended from caveman times?

Yes, but Logan suffers from the “thall shalt not hurt living organics” rule, covering U.S. animation. He’s not allowed to actually slice anything but doors, walls, and robots.

Anime, of course, has no such limitation. :smack:

At least on “Batman” they actually let him hit people…

Well, I’m not sure Wolverine really wants to kill Sabretooth in the Evolution version.

However, even in the comic, Wolverine has never killed 'ol big britches. Sabertooth may not have big long claws, but he’s massively strong (if not as much as dedicated strongmen like Hulk or Strong Guy) and tough, and he regenerates, too. His reflexes and combat skills are a match for Wolvie’s.

Their big problem is that neither one can actually kill the other unassisted.

At least in the 80’s, when I was reading X-Men, whenever Wolvie and Sabertooth fought, Sabertooth won (although occasionally Wolvie could pull out a draw).