Sachin Tendulkar: Holy Crap!

200* in a 50-over ODI. And not against Bangladesh or the Netherlands; against South Africa.

I just watched an edited video of his innings, and he was amazing. He hit 25 fours and cleared the boundary three times, and faced a total of 147 balls for his 200.

I’ve always preferred Test Cricket, but the one-day version is fun, and i didn’t think i’d ever see a double-century, at least not against a top-flight side like South Africa. From what i could see, Tendulkar only really made one or two miscues, and almost every shot was a model of control and placement.

You can see the highlights here.

Flat pitch, small boundaries - but a flawless innings none the less…

Well beaten we was!

Yeah, that’s definitely true. One reason i’m not such a fan of the one-day game is the increasing tendency, especially on the subcontinent, to produce pitches that are almost impossible for bowlers.

Have to be the best highlights reel since Australia made 359/2 in the World Cup final against India.

However this slogfest has been happening for a while now. In Mar 2006 Australia set South Africa what I believe was the first 400+ total (434/4) in an ODI and were then chased down with 438/9 with a ball to spare.

You can now be credited with a six for shots that 1) don’t reach the boundary and 2) would have got you a bollocking from the captain for throwing your wicket away.

Kids see guys in national colours playing shots (and getting paid well for it) that if they were played in the Western Suburbs u11s league their Dad’s would ground them until they repented.

I want to see a contest between bat and ball. I like seeing in one match targets of 350 on a flat deck and the next played on a greentop where 125 is competitive. Yes, I’m a dinosaur and 90% of limited over cricket bores me shitless. At this rate we’ll have cricket being understood by Mr & Mrs average merkins … and that is the end of civilisation as we know and cherish it. :smiley:

But that was better than anything in “Boys Own Annual”!

That was an amazing innings. Thank you for the video link - I could only follow it through Cricinfo’s live scores. Impeccable. And while I somewhat agree with grimpixie and mhendo I still think Tendulkar deserves heaps of praise for his achievement. True, the pitch was flat, but it was against South Africa, definitely one of the best attacks around. Also consider that pretty much every other important cricket profile alive today have praised the innings (and Tendulkar himself) as nothing short of amazing. The double century was possible because he is a fantastic batsman, not because of small boundaries.

It was an excellent knock by The Little Master, no doubt. The amazing thing to me is that he never seemed stretched, and that he let Dhoni have most of the strike in the last five overs. He could have hit 250 if the situation demanded it, but Dhoni was on fire too and SRT stepped aside for him.

Of course I have to cheer for Tendulkar because he is about the only Test player these days who’s older than me.

How does this come about?

Boundary fence is what I meant, not the roped area. Sorry for the ambiguity.

Whereas previously a six had to clear the 1-1.5m fence around the field, now it must simply clear a 25mm rope sometime more than 10m inside that boundary fence.

Ah, standards have been slipping all around. A hundred and fifty years ago you had to twock it entirely out of the ground to score a six - none of this namby-pamby “boundary” nonsense.

Oh yes, and Sachin is phenomenal. Hope he carries on till he’s forty. :cool:

Actually with his strike rate, he reached 40 when he was actually only 32. He’s closing in on 50 now, which is not bad for someone born in 1973.

One day cricket is simply driving practice.