Sacramento Dopers: hotel and dining help please

I need a nice hotel to stay in, in the Fair Oaks or Rancho Cordova area. Or Folsom is OK too. Not really fancy, just pretty nice. Also, I’d love to get recommendations for good restaurants in the area, esp. for Indian food, but anything is good. Again, not too fancy, just pretty nice. So please help!

I don’t know what you think is “nice” but there’s a Cattlemens steak place just off Hwy 50 in Rancho on Folsom Blvd (think Black Angus)

Where exactly will you need to be? What days and times?

Fair Oaks, Rancho, and Folsom are all within 5-10 miles of each other, but the commute from one to the other can be frustratingly long depending on when you are traveling…

Fair Oaks doesn’t really have many accommodations that I can think of…Rancho Cordova has a Marriot Hotel, and quite a few ‘business hotels’…I’m not sure what Folsom has in the way of accommodations.

Sacramento has far more than its fair share of great restaurants, but most of them are actually in the city, so you’re probably talking a 15-30 minute drive, depending on where you’re coming from/going to.

If you decide to come closer to the city, there’s a tasty Indian food place in the shopping complexes north of I-80 and Truxel.

Our favorite place for nice dinners is the Melting Pot somewhere near 16th and I streets downtown.

Co-workers that frequently had to make business trips to Sacramento all raved about a sushi place, Mikuni. I went there while I was there for business, and I thought it was good. I have no idea where anything is, so I can’t give more help than remembering the name.

The locals also seemed to think “Pizza Shop” pizza was great. I was not impressed.

Bidwell Street Bistro in Folsom is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. In Rancho Cordova the is the Sheepherder and Zinfandel Grill.

It’s just for one night this next weekend, SP. A little anniversary trip. We want to do some things in that particular area, and I’m not really interested in going downtown this time or spending a lot of time in the car.

It occurred to me today, however, that hotels might still be recovering from the storm? Around here we still have lots of people without power, some of whom are going to hotels–how is it down there? Are things open yet? We’re still only about half and half.

Mikunis is highly recommended. When I went to school at UCD I went to the Mid town location(I believe there are 3 locations) and it’s usually a loud place, but the food is good. I recommend the Japanese Mafia roll (aka the Yakuza), the Peter 2 and the seared white tuna appetizer.

I believe their website is