Sad, Mildly Creepy, Story Of Death In The Family

My SO got word today that his older brother in Germany, who has been in poor health, died.

Although they had not seen each other in quite a few years, and only made the occasional phone call to each other on birthdays and holiday, they had a good relationship and my SO took the news pretty hard today.

He told me, “I never said this to you, but three days ago, I dreamed he died.”

It has been a rough day.

Then he called his aunt in Berlin a few hours ago. He did not mention his dream to her, but she said, “The odd thing is, I went to visit him three days ago and he said you had just come into his room to visit him.”

My SO is now beside himself with grief and feels that somehow, he and his brother actually did connect in some manner that day.

I’m sorry for your SO’s loss. I’d be devastated if my brother died.

I had a similar connection with a friend as she was dying, even though we were thousands of miles apart. Coincidence or something more? Who knows, but I found it comforting.