Sad news regarding Robert Jordan

I’m not sure if this belongs in Cafe Society or MPSIMS, since it’s not really discussing the books… Sorry if I misplaced it.

According to TOR’s homepage, Robert Jordan’s been diagnosed with a possibly terminal disease (Link). Let’s hope he pulls through!


I’m so going to hell for this, but I think it’d be so delisciously ironic if he died before he had a chance to finally wrap up The Wheel of Time series. Seriously, Robert. You should have stopped at number eight.

There’s a couple of older threads re: this. (Just FYI).



Oops, just 'cause it’s news to me doesn’t mean it’s news to anyone else. blush. Sorry about the redundant thread.


Like that series is ever going to wrap up. The only way to stop that thing is with a stake, a mouthful of garlic and a crossroads.

I’d heard he planned to wrap it up in the next book. The last one, “Knife of Dreams”, did more to advance the plot than the previous 5 books.

He ain’t dead yet. You can get info from his blog located here.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he say he’d be writing till they nailed him in his coffin or some such?

I used to joke, innocently, that my biggest fear was he’d get hit by a truck or something before he managed to finish the series. It was meant to be a compliment to show how engrossed I was in the books.

Obviously I sure want to read that last book. More importantly though I hope he does whatever it takes to get well for himself and for his family.

The blog link I had just found the other day. There are entries going back for quite a while and I wish I had discovered it long ago!

/agree that the most recent book finally moved the plot along somewhat. The one before it had me beating my fists into the wall in frustration. 600+ pages and NOTHING happened.

He started another series?