"Sadie Thompson is on her way to HELL!"

I’m loaning Rain to a coworker, so I popped into into the VCR (yeah, yeah, it’s not a DVD, laugh away) and rewatched it–golly, I’d forgotten what a powerful film it is! It’s like Dracula, but instead of being a vampire, he’s a Christian! There is no way this could be filmed today, there’d be boycotts and protests and all kinds of hell to pay. Or at least they’d change the ending.

Has anyone seen it, or a stage version (again, hard to stage today)? Anyone who doubts Joan Crawford could be a terrific actress, catch her in this. Walter Huston and Beulah Bondi give very stagy performances, but Joannie acts them right off the screen; she knows how to act for films (a tip of the hat to costar Guy Kibbee and cinemtographer Oliver Marsh, too, for sterling work).

Belua Bondi. Joan Crawford. I mean, wouldn’t it be weird it he didn’t put the blocks to Joan?

Anyway, those jungle drums were playing when Walter made his move. So that kind of lets civilization off the hook. If they’d been singing “Amazing Grace,” it would have been scandalous.