Sadistic Snack Foods and the Masochists Who Love Them

My masochistic pain-drug of choice is hot sauces. My current favorite is El Yucateco, red and green. Hurts in my mouth, hurts in my stomach and hurts coming out. What’s not to love?

French Bread pizza. No matter how long you let it cool down, it’s never long enough to avoid blistering the entire roof of your mouth.

My long-time favorite was Zapp’s Cajun Craw-taters (a crawfish-boil flavored potato chip available in New Orleans) with an ice-cold Diet Coke. Mmmm, heavenly, salty pain.

Tartaric acid, aka sour sart or lemon salt. I rode the white pony through my teen years and it tempts me even now, despite the harshness of its bite.

Hot Tamales. They eat the surface of my tongue but I keep eating them anyway.

Hm. Is that the origin of the word “lollipop”?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s developed a taste for hot cinnamon candies like Atomic Fireballs. I’m rather hay fever prone and whenever I start having a sneezing fit or a runny or stuffy nose, I often take an Atomic Fireball for relief.

Incidentally, has anybody ever tried cinnamon red hot ice cream? Although it may seem odd at first, the taste of the hot candy blends nicely with the coldness of the ice cream. A local ice cream place had it for sale a few years ago but I haven’t seen it anywhere since. Maybe Baskin-Robbins has something like it among the flavors they rotate monthly.

This could help answer a question of mine.

Jolly Ranchers aren’t readily available where I live so I buy a big bag with about 200 in it every few weeks. They’re the individually wrapped ones with 5 flavours. They start to hurt my gums and teeth after about 6 or 7 at a time and then as I slowly crunch down on them lock my jaws together.

Are they meant to be like this? As in, if slow pressure is applied they conform to your teeth and flatten and stick them together? Or are they meant to be hard and brittle and mine are only sticky because they’ve been imported?

Nachos made with Monterey Jack and Cheddar, jalepenos and black olives. Each one made individually (canopy style). Dipped in sour cream.

Actually it’s just an excuse to eat sour cream. When I order nachos at a bar and they give me a little cup of sour cream I’m sure I have a hang-dog look on my face. That’s usually enough for 1 chip.

Some people think the sour cream is something to look forward to the next day but I really like it.

Or peanut butter, chocolate and ice cream. OMG sooo good.

My danger food is macademia’s out of the shell. They are SO hard! So I have a good hammer to break them. I have invariably hit my thumb. :frowning: But they are SO GOOD! SO GOOD!

Nope, they’re like that everywhere. They’re meant to remove your dental fillings. I eat all the watermelon ones first…

Jalapeno potato chips…yum
::eyes water::

Yeah, that’s normal. They are probably made by dentists to keep them in business. Nothing like that few seconds of panic when you can’t open your mouth, huh?

Miss Meringue cookies. I only buy one tub at a time, and eat them all.

What a sugar rush :eek:

I picked up a cinnamon Giant Jelly Bean a couple of weeks ago. It’s like an enormous Hot Tamale, but with a bit of a curve to it.

Hot, hot, HOT! Like, gulping saliva hot!

Yum! :smiley:

Jolly Ranchers, esp. the big ones. I swear I pulled a filling out once eating one but mmm it was wonderful :slight_smile:

I spurn jalapeno potato chips. These are the real deal, especially when you lick the crumbs out of the bag after.

Chiming in on Jolly Ranchers and Cap’n Crunch.

Jalapeno Poppers

Like French bread pizza, they’re never quite cool enough to take the first bite. The melted, molten cheese always seems to squirt right onto the roof of my mouth.

Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

They’re dark pink - not the standard artificial orange of regular Cheetos.
They burn - before and after.
Love them.

Pineapple. So so good, but eating too much seems to strip the top layer of my mouth and tongue. After I get over the initial pain, it’s smooth sailing.

Unshelled sunflower seeds. I’m too lazy to shell them. I love the flavored packs. This combination makes for a painful time, getting fragments of shell jammed into my gums and teeth. The end result can be just as bad, too.