You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll eat a whole bag

I was at Kmart last week and they had a flavor of potato chip I’d never seen: Horseradish and cheddar by Herr’s.

These things HURT. They will scald the inside of your sinuses in the best tradition of horseradish, and the salt will leave your mouth vulnerable to the burn.

But are they delicious? Oh yes they are. Especially when used to dip beef stew.

I’ve only ever seen them at Kmart, and they aren’t even on the Herr’s website. But I don’t think I’m hallucinating. It hurt too much to be a hallucination.

Hmmm… Might hafta go looking for those, the horseradish would be like a hubby anti-theft device. Usually, potato chips don’t last long around my house. Which means, by the time I want a handful with my sandwich at lunch, they’re long gone.

The husband hates horseradish.

But I don’t, and there’s a Kmart not three blocks away.

Sounds good. Generally, like SylverOne, I need to expound on my more eclectic tastes to keep my stash of chips to myself.

There is no keeping Doritos, Cheetos or any of those types of things around the house here, what with having a teenaged stepdaughter and her friends a’coming raping and a’pillaging the food stores.

My most recent snack of privacy was those wasabi peas. NOBODY will eat them but me. I might have to check these fire-alicious chips out. Thanks!

Those sound almost delicious enough to go to K-Mart. Almost.

I’ll look for them. Their Vinegar chips used to peel the skin from the inside of my mouth. They have toned them down a lot.

That was my exact though upon reading the OP.


I’ve had them, and they are AMAZING :smiley:
Unfortunately, they carry 4 or 5 kinds of Herr’s chips at a local store, and that is NOT one of them :eek:

Those chips sound fabulous, and no one here likes horseradish, except for me, and I love it.

FoieGrasIsEvil my teenage, snack food pillaging son calls wasabi peas little green puffballs of death. Whatever, it keeps his hands off my snacks!

I’m morbidly curious, but I don’t know of any K-Marts left in my area. Errr, actually, I thought K-Mart went out of business a few years ago :o.

Heh. I also have two young sons, and me being the cruel sort that I am, got them to try a wasabi pea…just once. Now they are completely safe from being eaten.

I haven’t been inside a Kmart in a few years, a self imposed boycott for lousy service and dirty stores.

However, this mouth burning food intrigues me greatly.

I just may sally forth.

Herr’s weblinky. I am not seeing the product. What am I missing?

I bought their Worchestrshire sauce and steak flavored chips once. It was like trying to eat a spice rack. They made a hell of a coating for baked chicken though.

You might want to try the **Kettle Spicy Thai **chips. These are excellent and also bring the heat.