Safari/Mac OS X Question

This is probably obvious to technical people, but it’s driving me nuts. I recently updated Safari on my computer. This is mostly fine. However, in the old version, the browser window had a bar across the bottom, and when I put my mouse over a link on a webpage, the url of that link was displayed on the bar. Now, there is no bar, and thus, I have no way of knowing where links go.

This sounds trivial, but it turns out to be a feature that I used a lot, and I want it back! I have tried Safari help and the Apple Support pages, but apparently I’m using all the wrong search terms. I’ve also tried the preferences and the view menu, and nothing seems to work. I’m at the end of my limited abilities here.

Can anyone help me without totally confusing me with jargon and terms I don’t understand?

View -> Show Status Bar.

Or command-/

Friedo, I love you! Thanks a lot!!!

You owe me $38,700 in consulting fees.