Safe wedding bands for electrical workers

I’m getting married in late October, and my fiancee and I are kind of stumped when it comes to her wedding band. She works as an electronics technologist, so she can’t wear a metal ring at work, due to the hazards involved. We would like to find an alternative material for a band that is non-conductive, but pretty and sturdy. Any ideas?

Carbon Fiber? I doubt that the carbon would conduct much electricity when it is encased in resin.

There are no metals that I know of that are not conductive.

I’ve seen stone/wooden rings before, though not sure how those would do, in terms of durability… :\

Mr. W is an electrician working with a team of electricians.

None of them wear any jewelry of any kind including wedding rings because of the risk, not only of electrocution, but also getting the items caught in equipment at work and losing a finger or whatever.

That being said, I don’t know what an electronics technologist does…

Any semi-precious stone would be fine, but none are going to be as strong as metal.

Most of the places that don’t allow rings due to electrical conductivity also don’t allow them for safety reasons, just as alice_in_wonderland posted. Are you sure she is allowed to wear a non-metallic ring?

For those that do allow it, I’ve seen wooden rings. I’ve heard of bamboo rings as well though I’ve never seen one.

How about a ring tattoo?

A regular wedding ring that she puts on her key ring while at work so it won’t get lost?

At one place where I worked I was allowed to simply cover the ring with electrical tape.

This is what my husband, an electronics technician, always did.

My suggestion is if you work with your hands, don’t wear a ring at work. between what can happen with electricity and mechanically if the ring gets caught, it isn’t worth it.
Google degloving injuries if you dare.
(don’t say I did not warn you)

I’m a another voice in the chorus saying she should seriously consider not wearing any ring at all to work if there are safety risks. Is wearing a ring worth the possibility of a finger so mangled, or even missing, so it can never wear a ring again?

A marriage isn’t in the ring, it’s in the two people involved.

There was a very large, very graphic safety poster on exactly this phenomena where I worked in the navy. I definitely would concur that its simply not worth the risk, unless you want to be able to terrorize grand kids with stories about how you lost a finger.

But I suppose its easy for me to say, since I hate rings/jewelry as it is, and would refuse to wear one.

My BIL lost a finger because he caught his wedding ring on some heavy equipment when he jumped down from the tire. It was horrendous, instantly stripping every bit of skin and flesh from the entire finger, and the bone above the second knuckle. All that was left was a stub of bone about 1 1/2" long, and they removed that at the ER.

So, yeah, add me to the list of those who think it’s probably not worth the risk.

Tattoo, henna, rubber stamp; bracelet, anklet, toe ring, necklace. Million and five things you could pick.

Actually, you know what would be super neat? Some kind of fancy-clasp necklace where the ring could be taken off and put on the necklace without having to take the necklace off. I’d wear one of those! (I’m not married, but I have two heirloom rings.)

When I worked in computer field service (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), I did wear a wedding right for precisely the reasons others have mentioned. Just too much risk of electrical shock or getting the ring caught on some spinny component like a line printer belt or something.

When I got out of that job, I started wearing one.

If it’s important to her that she wear it, perhaps putting on a chain around the neck (tucked in the shirt, of course).

Naw… such a thing could NEVER exist ;).

BTW - am I the only person who saw the thread title and wondered why the OP was concerned about the musicians’ safety, and what that had to do with the fiance’s career? :confused: :smack:

Wedding rings can be a hazard for people working at desk jobs, too! My mom worked with some guys who had one of those little basketball hoops that hooked on top of the door. One of them went up for a dunk, got his wedding ring caught on the metal guard on the top of the door, and ripped his finger off. I bet he had fun explaining that to his supervisor!

I think a tattoo would be the coolest idea.

The thing about tattoos, though, is that they’re a lot harder to take off/get rid of than rings. Nobody walks down the aisle thinking ‘This’ll end in divorce’, but half of them do end that way… so I’d be cautious about tattoos for that reason alone.

Thanks for all the replies, everyone! She does have co-workers who wear rings, although it is certainly recommended not to. I hadn’t really thought about the additional danger of getting the ring caught in equipment or machinery. Perhaps putting it on a necklace would be the best route to go. I wonder, though, if that would still be a hazard, since the necklace and/or ring would be metallic - or does the metal actually have to make contact with the power source to be dangerous?

Work’s not an issue for me, but I have a metalshop in the garage. I have a habit, just before I open the door to walk out there, the wedding ring is off my hand and going in my pocket. When I come back in, it goes back on.

It’s a Cheap $17 silver Celtic ring. I have three others in my jewelry box, so losing or misplacing the ring is no big deal.

if there was machine danger i wouldn’t wear rings or necklaces.

with electronics there is a danger of shorting some points you are working on. a dangling necklace provides for accidental contact as does a ring or bracelet if they are conductive.

I nearly soldered my wedding ring to my finger in tech school working on a computer terminal. Lesson learned.