safest weather state

The Florida weather makes me curious.
Where is the safest state in the U.S. as far as not much chance of hurricanes?

If you just want to avoid hurricanes, just don’t live in a coastal state. This doesn’t mean that you will avoid tropical storms, for which you’d have to live in a state more inland. Washington and Oregon don’t get hurricanes, either; I guess because the SST’s are not warm enough. However, you’d still be subject to tornadoes and other Acts of God.

My guess is New Mexico. No hurricanes, few tornados, and at lower elevations you won’t get snowed in ever.

We didn’t get hurricanes in Illinois, but we would get a rash of tornadoes in the spring, it would flood periodically, and it was 20 below zero in January.

Well, the safest state to avaoid hurricanes would probably be Alaska. If you are looking to avoid extreme killer weather, then New Mexico or Arizona would do the trick. Maybe Utah. But every place has something wrong with it, somewhere. :smiley:

Pretty much the only states that get hit by hurricanes are the coastal states from Virginia south and west to Texas. Other states get affected by the remnants of hurricanes, but the damage is usually caused by rainfall, i.e. floods, that most people should be able to prepare for.

A more interesting question would be “What is the state with the most benign weather?” New England gets “noreasters” that can approach hurricane strength and can also bring bitter cold and snow. The breadbasket states all get tornadoes. Blizzards are frequent in the north and the mountain west, as is lightning.

That leaves a few places like the western coast, Arizona and Nevada, and maybe Tenessee and Kentucky and West Virginia. I’d put my money on Oregon or Washington.

When discussing this with my son, my guess was Alaska.
But with AZ, isn’t there the chance of wildfires?

You’ve got the chance of wildfires just about anywhere. The Pacific Northwest is damp, the Southwest is dry.

No, we get hurricanes here in the Northeast.

How about Ohio? No extreme temperatures, very few tornadoes or huge snowstorms, out of the path for hurricanes, no earthquakes, a reasonable amount of rainfall, and very few mountains.

Xenia, OH 1974 Worst tornado outbreak in history. Sorry, no winner.

Last January it was 20 for 3 weeks straight!

Thanks, Lamar - I still remember that night like it was yesterday, and I was only 10 years old at the time. It was REALLY bad. You beat me to the cite.

Tennessee has tornadoes, lies on a fault line, and has flooding from the Mississippi in the West.

Ya can get heat stroke real easy in AZ…

I remember reading that the most benign climate in the US was in San Diego.

Of course, earthquakes don’t count as ‘climate’, do they?

While Oregon and Washington may not get hurricanes, they do occasionally get wind storms with winds of hurricane strength. The most infamous of these was the Columbus Day Storm of 1962. I’ve lived in western Oregon for 20-some years and have only experienced a few such storms (none quite as strong as that one), so I’d say they only come by about once every 8 or 10 years.

As Green Bean said the NE gets hurricanes, only not as frequently as the SE, and I doubt if they’d ever had one stronger than Class II. In addition, California gets hurricanes, too.

I’d forgot Alaska as a state in my other posting. Alaska would be the no. 1 state to live in if you just wish to avoid tropical storms.

Oh, I beg to differ.

We get extreme temperatures, especially in the winter. Even though our winters are not as bad as those in New England and the Upper Midwest, we have our share of Cold. The winter 1993-94 was particularly bad. It was just warm enough to rain, then it got just cold enough for everything to ice over, and it got colder. We had highs in the subzeros. Everything was caked in 3/4 in. of ice for about two weeks. 1994-95 was the same. St. Valentines Day, 2003, a snowstorm dumped almost two feet of snow. We can deal with that, but everything stops for about a day or two.

We get tornadoes every year. They are not as bad or frequent those in Tornado Alley, thankfully, but they do get very bad occasionally. A reasonable amount of rainfall? Yes, on paper, but it tends to come down in torrents. Most of the state is flat, so this is perfect for massive flooding, which is common. A third of the state is Appalachian foothills and mountains. That’s hardly “few.”

If Southwestern California were it’s own state (in fact it is entirely another universe :wink: ), it might qualify as the safest weather state, except for those bothersome rainstorms that cause massive mudslides every winter.

It is true that NE gets an occasional hurricane, but it is quite a rare event. California has never had a hurricane, in fact it has only had one Tropical Storm (Long Beach 1939) with sustained winds over 39 mph.

Here is a map of land-falling hurricanes of the last 50 years.