Saint's Vilma upset about overtime rule.

He thinks it’s a diss on his teams conference win.

He does know the Saints owner voted for this rule change right?
And that the Vikings owner was only 1 of 4 that voted against it?

And that it was a vote of confidence that he and the rest of the NO defense could have prevented a TD on the following drive?

Certainly, nobody can blame the rule change on the Viking players or their owner, who took their wrenching loss as stoically as anybody could expect. It’s not as if Brett Favre threw a hissy fit, yelled “It’s not fair that we didn’t get the ball in overtime,” and forced the Rules Committee to rethink things.

But it DOES look as if the rule change is being made directly in response to the NFC championship game.

That DOESN’T invalidate the rule change, nor does it mean that the league is bending over backward to do favors for Brett Favre. After all, in the wake of Katrina, the Saints were sentimental favorites of millions of fans.

Instead, it PROBABLY means that sudden death was a potential public relations nightmare waiting to happen for years.

Look, I happen to LIKE sudden death overtime. But when ANY game is won on a field goal on the first drive of overtime, it’s bound to strike some people as unfair. And when it’s a championship game, that sense of unfairness can only be magnified.

Agreed, mad props to them. Unlike the Colts a couple years ago when the Chargers knocked them out on the first drive of overtime. The Colts are the biggest friggin’ whiners in the world, and it pisses me off when their whining changes the sport. Like pass interference, for example.