Saipan - America's Welfare Colony

I met this guy from Saipan yesterday and knowing little about the place beyond the WWII battle that took place there, I googled it and shortly after found this:
Though naturally I questioned the legitimacy of a website written anonymously consisting only of one long article, after some light research it seems most of his claims don’t really contradict the information available about the island.

Some of the claims made by the website include:

  • Federal govt passed a law in 1995 that prevented welfare recipients in the CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands)from employing maids, something made possible by rampant corruption and cheap labor from neighboring 3rd world countries.
  • Was the base of operation for billionaire Larry Hillblom, co-founder of DHL Worldwide Express (he’s the H) for his sex tourism and pedophilia. He fathered 4 confirmed children (one Vietnamese, two Filipino, one from Palau) from his sexual adventures. And those are only the ones that got the cool fifty mil from his death.

Though technically American territory, the US doesn’t really seem to give a shit about this place beyond throwing at it every once in a while, which inevitably end up in the pockets of the corrupt politicians.
Pretty interesting for a place that I barely knew existed until yesterday.