Salad Fingers/Spongebob connection?

Last night, the spawn of my loins had Spongebob Squarepants on the telescreen. We were watching the episode about “Wormy”, a caterpillar belonging to Sandy Cheeks. She leaves her pets in care of Spongebob and Patrick while she is on a trip. Wormy turns into a butterfly, causing Spongebob and Patrick to believe that Wormy was eaten by this “monster.”
At one point, Spongebob lists all the friends he thinks the butterfly has eaten. When he does so, he wears crude fingerpuppets done in the style of Hubert Cumberdale et. al.
Perhaps it was only the juxtaposition of the word “friend” with fingerpuppets, but I believe that there is a sinister connection between Salad Fingers and Spongebob.

My sig is appropriate here. That is all.

I’d have to see that Spongebob episode myself, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Animated shows often throw in a reference to something on the internet. On Robot Chicken, the line “Maybe today I’ll pwn enough noobs to raise my rank on this server from 3 to 1!” comes from And Family Guy had an appearance of the guy from Kicked In The Nuts.