sales career

I’m seriously thinking of changing my career to car salesman. Any tips? How about websites with good free sales career advice?

I tried it and have oe insight. Don’t do it if you are sensitive, or polite. I say this not because I think salesmen are impolite oafs, but because you have to a) not give up when people clearly want you to go away b) follow up with busy people whom you are interrupting c) generally ignore people’s wishes such as those ubiquitous “No soliciting” signs d) be avoided and not get bothered by it e) NOT GIVE UP AFTER 100’S OF “no” responses.

I found out that I can’t do the above. Now that I am a prospect, I find that while I am polite to sales people, I really don’t want them to bother me. Many are good friends of mine, but they are the type of guys that will ask the same woman out 10 times after she tells them to get lost…and eventually end up dating her.

I rarely buy anything from a sales person. When I want it, I send out RFP’s. Good companies have people coming to them for business and do not have their folks do a lot of cold calls…at least in my industry.

This is really more of an IMHO thing. I’ll shoot it over there for you.