Sally Field to write autobiography

At this point in time what do you think made Sally Field to write a autobiography…??:eek:

I dunno… She has the time? She needs the money? She’s just finally getting around to that item on her bucket list?

If you have something to say, say it.

Sally, when you get the part when we spend all that time together*, please do try to be discrete.
*…in my dreams.

I’m quite certain that she will, in fact, be separate from you.

Why not? She’s been on TV since 1962. Been in huge movies, won Oscars and Emmies and lots of other awards. She’s been a part of huge slice of American film, tv, stage entertainment. Even did some theater. I bet she has tales to tell.

It sounds like you have an idea. Care to share?

Me, I’m looking forward to the stories in…
From Playing Gidget to Playing With a Midget:
The Sally Fields Story

Maybe she’s had the decency, unlike many, to wait until she figures her career is pretty much over before writing a book on it.

She had a relationship with Burt Reynolds during and after Smokey and the Bandit. Perhaps she was waiting for him to die to let some of the juicy details out, that he would’ve been embarrassed by, and that was her last sticking point?

Or his dying has reminded her she won’t live forever.
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The death of Burt Reynolds may have been a factor in the timing of this announcement but I sincerely doubt his potential embarrassment was an issue. I doubt Burt was ever embarrassed by anything. Mind you I’m posting this while watching Cannonball Run II (from a DVD which I just purchased) right now so I probably shouldn’t talk about embarrassing acts.

I’m really hoping that she didn’t wait for his passing to release her autobiography just so that she could make juicy claims without fear of contradiction.

It seems to me, based on the few interviews I’ve seen or read from her, that she is a pretty cool person and no doubt has quite a story to tell. Hope it does well.

The book is being published September 18. Burt Reynolds died September 6. It takes a bit longer than 12 days to publish a book.

You can read some excerpts here:

I’m not a big enough Sally Field fan to want to read her autobiography, but as a general rule I think all famous people with fans interested in their story should get around to writing one at some point. And the later, the better, so the story is as complete as possible. But not too late, obviously.

Given that, I strongly suspect that the timing of the book release, and Reynolds’ death, is nothing more than a coincidence (though I suppose it’s possible that the release date might have been moved up a bit).

And, the title of this thread is thus inaccurate. She’s already written the autobiography.

The excerpts details a childhood marred by sexual abuse.

It’s not your typical frothy celebrity biography.

What’s the title, “I Used to Fly”?