Sally Forth-For Better or For Worse connection yesterday

Should have posted this yesterday, but got distracted at work. Did anyone else notice the mention of April’s band in yesterday’s “Sally Forth” strip?! Here is a link to today’s Sally Forth strip in the Seattle Times: July 4th strip here - you can get to yesterday’s strip just below todays; put in July 3 and click on go and it will come up. Sorry - the Seattle Times link was the first one that came up for me (it’s not my local paper - that would be the Wash. Post! :D)

Anyway, Hillary Forth and her friend (whose name escapes me right now …) are looking at some entertainment report that says a Canadian preteen band, Forevah and Eva, had just been rewarded a recording contract. I wonder if Lynn Johnston is in on this?! LOL!! So now Hillary and her friend are going to get a band together … or at least pretend to. Today’s Sally Forth shows Hillary’s friend working on a band website at

A big :smack: on me! April’s bands name is 4 Evah and Eva. D’oh!

Lynn Johnston generally participates in the comics crossover projects – Blondie and Dagwood’s 75th anniversary, the Charles Schulz tribute, etc. – so I’d imagine she had prior knowledge/approval of 4 Evah and Eva’s appearance in Sally Forth. Incidentally, April’s current letter makes no mention of the breakthrough.

BTW, Hilary’s friend is named Faye.

Great. When two of the lamest conmic strips collaborate, we have meta-lameness.

We could start a thread about comic strips in which teenagers form rock bands, but that would be heli-lame.

Thanks for the info, Sternvogel! I’ve been power-less since yesterday afternoon (until @ 9 pm tonight - over 24 hours!!), so hadn’t been able to reply.

Yes, Faye! The worst part is, I should have remembered that because I have a cousin named Faye.

No more mention of 4 Evah and Eva, but Hilary and Faye seem to have their musical future plotted out - at least through the end of the year. :smiley: