Salmon: World's Most Over-Rated Fish

Despite my constant insistence that I don’t like this pink putrescence, my wife has subjected me to yet another variation. </rant>

I’ll take a tilapia or perch or any other ‘junk’ fish any day.

Sounds like you’re eating the pink mush that is mis-named “Atlantic salmon.” Wild Pacific salmon bears no relationship to that flavorless sponge.

I don’t like salmon steaks that much either but I will eat them especially grilled. However, smoked Scottish Salmon is excellent. I would still take catfish over it for dinner though. Tilapia isn’t a junk fish at least around here. You can buy it in high end seafood markets and restaurants. It tastes a lot like catfish.

Yeah, you must be doing it wrong.

I’ve never researched the fish, and not only my wife has fed me salmon, so I wouldn’t know the difference. I’ve never been willing enough to throw away money to order salmon at a restaurant. Unless I come across some free tastings/samples, I’ll revel in my ignorance.

I love catfish, farm-raised tastes much better than wild IMO. I like most fish I’ve tried.


Fresh, wild caught Alaskan salmon is some of the finest food in the world, and truly a gourmet delight.

Farm raised Atlantic salmon is not something I choose to eat, not just because of the inferior taste, but also because of the often destructive or polluting farming methods used to produce it.

I don’t care for salmon either, although I’ve probably only had Atlantic Salmon. I hate Catfish and Perch too, blegh. Is Tilapia considered “junk” fish? I do like it quite a bit.

I once vacationed on the San Juan Islands, off of Seattle, and dined nightly on freshly caught, home grilled salmon. I still consider those some of the finest meals I’ve ever eaten, despite them having been cooked at home.

Report to the re-education camp immediately. You are Number Six.

Good salmon is spectacular, probably second only to a good meaty tuna steak.

Where I grew up, tilapia is an invasive species, and flourishes in filthy canals tainted literally with sewage. On an episode of Dirty Jobs, they used tilapia as part of a water filtration system-- the tilapia ate other fishes’ poo in the water. So my reaction to tilapia is pretty negative, and it’s amusing/disturbing how it seems to be the trendy fish of the moment. The fish served in restaurants is probably raised for consumption and therefore is not comparable to the tilapia I know, but I still can’t bring myself to order it.

Lox. How can such a horrible thing as salmon taste so good smoked, thinly sliced on cream cheese?
But I digress. I dislike all fish, having cleaned out aquariums in my youth. Mrs. Plant likes salmon. Some nice Dopers have helped, orange sauce, olive oil and four with oj and a sea food rub.

Probably a regional thing. As Smeghead noted above if you’re here in the Pacific Northwest the salmon you eat for dinner most likely was caught that morning. Hell, I’ve plucked them out of The Sound myself. Truly wonderful food.

Good salmon is as amazing as those upthread make it out to be.

Bad salmon (or overcooked salmon) is an abomination.

[hijack] I was under the impression that this made tilapia an environmentally-friendly species to eat–that it can be raised in small pens without much damage to water quality. [hijack]

Is Pacific salmon available on the East Coast?

The Little Rock Zoo has a pool, rather a small lake they use to recycle the Rhino excrement. Huge stands of canna, Chinese ginger, parrot feather, water iris, arundo donax twelve feet high, etc. There was talk of introducing tilapia to it, but I don’t know if the did. Feeding the fish back to animals would have been the ultimate recycling, but I doubt the keepers would have gone for it. They chlorinate any overflow before introducing it to the environment.

I only know the pink crap at the local supermarket. Even if I liked it, it’s too damn expensive.

Yes, it’s terrible. Please stop eating it. As wretched as salmon is, I volunteer myself to do you and world a favor by eating it for you.

Someone has to do it.

Well, sure, they’re beneficial for the environments in which they live, and can be farm-raised with a reduced environmental impact. But it’s quite unappetizing knowing that this fish can thrive in poor-quality water and eats poo.

You’re a mensch! :slight_smile: