Salon has the "turbo stroker" for men - Not safe for work

The turbo stroker

I kept expecting them to say, “But wait! If you order now we’ll throw in a Mini Prostate Poker absolutely free!!”

I can get a Fleshlight for around $60 or this for $100. Decisions, decisions…

But is it dishwasher safe?

There’s no way that would work.

First of all, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” with that thing.

Second, the outside is hard plastic; you can’t use your hands. I suppose the point is to lay there passively while it does its thing, but i can’t believe that some battery operated machine is going to provide enough pressure and stimulation. It would need some help. And just laying there passively is no fun at all. I mean, with a machine.

And…there’s no way those two would know. They say they know.

They don’t know.

I can’t believe I just posted this.

Requires Internet Explorer. :mad:

Jaysus, is that thing loud. I can see it now:

“Billy, what are you doing in there?”

“Uhh, nothing mom! Just making a fruit smoothie!”

“Okay, but why is the blender in the bathroom?”
But WTF is the “Sexual Safari” at the end? It looks like a Habitrail, is it perhaps a gerbilling aid?

That made me blush.

I read the thread title and thought “no you’re wrong, it’s gotta be something else”

I saw the link and said, “naah…can’t be”

I clicked the site and saw it, said to myself…“WTF else did you expect”

damn astro :smack: :smiley:

I was able to see it with Firefox. Are you using Opera?

I think it’s a device that simulates the sensation of being raped by lions and/or other wildlife of the African plains.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, but the first frame was quite enough.

I didn’t know they had a “Wanking for Him” segment on the HSC.

They missed a great chance for an add on sale. When they mention that lube should be used they should have pulled out the Astro Glide and given an additional discount if you bought both items.

Sex doens’t sell the way it used to.

[google ads] Stroker Kits - Low Prices [/google ads]

And Bolt-On Turbo Kits :eek:

No, Firefox, WinXP. But nevermind, I “fixed” it. Adblock was hiding it for some reason, and there was simply no room for a video on the page.

and Jet Hot Coatings! I swear these things just write themselves!

Adblock was hiding it because there was the word “ads” in the URL. I had to turn Adblock off to get the video to show.

Now I’m sorry I did.

Look, if my Bolt-on Turbo-augmented Stroker Kit doesn’t produce jets of hot coatings, I want my money back.

Do they have a special for Judges?

http:// tvshow.htm

This is the source for this! It’s hilarious because it’s so matter-of-fact!

And apparently Oxygen runs it once a week in the wee hours.