Salvation army... Five years down the drain

These asshole’s have just let me go for no reason.

I was escorted off the property and not told any details.

Three days later I was told I’m terminated

Anyone else here have experience with the Salvation Army?

You were not escorted off the property and then terminated without having some idea of what it was all about. Agree with the action or disagree, that just doesn’t happen. You know what it was about.

That said, my experience is that I used to get some really horrible meals from them when I was bumming around back in the 70s. I mean horrible meals–jail quality meals.

Sorry to hear that. All I know about them is that they ring the bells in front of stores during the holidays. Do you have any inside information that you’re disgruntled enough to share? For instance, every year there’s a story about gold coins being deposited in their collectings. Those coins are planted by the Salvation Army, right? To get on the news every season?
Sorry again about you being let go.

No, but a lot of us have had experience with layoffs. Shit happens. I’m not sure what the financial makeup of The Salvation Army looks like, obviously it doesn’t have shareholders, but ultimately it must be able to fund its various programs.

frank… I was told that someone I reported for shoplifting came back and made complaints about several employees.

The customer is always right?

I have a new mortgage and a kid in College.

Frank… It happened; and fuck you very much for your support.

Saying “fuck you” to other posters is against the board rules. Please avoid this in the future.

No warning issued.

Thank you frank for being such an ass… It did happen.

Anyone else been wrongfully terminated by some asshole like Frank?

I don’t think frank was trying to say you were lying about it happening. He was just pointing out that the “no reason” part of your post seemed…hyperbolic. Which you even confirmed a few posts later when you clarified about the customer complaint.


Did I completely misread and Frank is, in real life, your ex-boss who fired you?

So this was, what, a thrift shop operation? I didn’t really know the SA ran thrift shops - my grandmother was a member when I was a kid, and all I remember is Sunday services and summer Bible camps where the pastors dressed up in uniforms and got to call each other “Captain” or “Major” instead of “Reverend”.

In that case, depending on the circumstances of the event, I can see how accusing someone of shoplifting could result in losing your job if it wasn’t your place to do so. At the grocery store I work at our security team has a checklist of stuff they have go to through in order to stop someone - otherwise, it’s potentially false arrest and we could get sued.

So, you were told the details after all…?

i was told that the customer changed her story twice. Yet they let me go.

The OP’s account is contradictory! How can we salvage this savaging of the Salvation Army and assuage and allay the harming so vague?

Bottom line is I will get over this.


Just know that you could spend years working for them and be gone the next day. Bryan who?

Welcome to the real world.

Isn’t that true of any employer?

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