Sam and Max: The Animated Series

So anyone remember Sam and Max - the animated series? We have it on tape and its the kids current favorite. Had me rolling yesterday:

“Can we have your word?”

Max: “Sure, but my word is unctious, you won’t get much use from it.”

Ah, those halcyon days of Saturday morning TV - The Tick, Sam and Max…

I remember the Tick. But Sam and Max - nope.

I only saw one episode – but it was great! It’s like a half hour of the computer game with better graphics :).

Ahh, yes, Sam and Max, and Earthworm Jim… My dad even watched those shows. Thanks for reminding me, because now all there is to watch is crap like Fighting Foodons:confused:

How 'bout that episode where the entire city blew up and all that was left of everybody were charred skeletons? I think that’s what happened, anyway.

A link to the tapes, and a episode synopsis:

Excellent cartoon. Right up there with The Tick and Big Guy and Rusty as “things that really shouldn’t have been taken off Fox Kids ever.”

There’s a line I remember when Sam and MAx are made into gods of some sort, and after someone finishes rattling off a list of how magnificent they are, Max says, “ooh! I’ll have to change my stationary!”

Good times.

Sam And Max was based on an indy comic book series of the same name. If you’re interested, check out Amazon, , & other sources.

The cartoon series never really did it for me. It was as if they’d read the comics and were huge fans, but couldn’t quite repeat it.

There was one great moment, though, as Sam & Max are trying to get into a bad guy’s secret base:

VOICE: What’s the password?
NARRATOR: The password is… “haggis.”
MAX: Boiled…
SAM: Haggis!

But again, the comic book was beyond brilliant. I wish they would re-release Sam & Max Surfin’ the Highway. Maybe they will if the rumors about the new videogame are true…

SolGrundy: they are indeed making a new video game, for PC, PS2, and X-Box. The LucasArts website has a press release.

I’ve got the entire series on tape!(*)

And I finished the computer game!

And I’ve got the “Surfin’ the Highway” collected comics softcover!

And I even have scans of some of the Sam and Max cartoons from the various “Fox Kids” mini-magazines!

How’s that for thorough?

(* = Actually, I’m missing one episode, the one with Sam’s grandmother and thanksgiving. I don’t know of anyone else who has it, though… :frowning: )
Sam and Max animated trivia: According to Steve Purcell, Fox wouldn’t let the cartoon show Sam and Max using handguns on the job, for fear that kids would grab real-life firearms and emulate the two gumshoes. In response, the writers simply upped the firepower to bazookas and grenade-launchers – which fits perfectly with Sam and Max, but put Fox Kids out of danger… :wink:

Didn’t see too many eps, but it was a great intelligent cartoon.

Sam (holding a bag of ash that was once Max before getting zapped by a laser): “Once he was my best friend, now he’s just a bag of chum.”