Sam Raimi is so cool!

Ever since Mr. Rilch got hired on Spiderman, he’s had a certain tune running through his head. So have I, in fact, and so have many crew members.

Yesterday, when people were filtering back to the set after first meal, Raimi put a CD on the PA system. It must have been one of those “TeeVee Tunes” collections, because what everyone heard was:

Spiderman, Spiderman
Does whatever a spider can…
Listen bud,
He’s got raidoactive blood!..
Spiderman, Spiderman,
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman!..

He set the track to repeat, and by about the third repetition, people were singing along with it, and one woman was doing the watusi! Wow! I’d heard Raimi was still cool, and now I have proof!

Oh, SMEG! Is Mr. Rilch really involed? Don’t give away anything, just please tell me that it’s all going the it should. Wow! You’ve really just jazzed me up for the movie!

Yes, Andyman, as I’ve stated in this and other threads, Mr. Rilch is an electrician on Spiderman. I’m not allowed to repeat info about production, because of the non-disclosure agreement he signed, but when he told me that, I immediately said, “Ooh, can I tell the Straight Dope?” We figured it’s not like giving away a plot point, so it’s okay!

Fun fact: Ever wonder why there are always two films with similar plots or themes, from different studios, out at the same time? That’s not lack of originality, that’s spies. So now scripts are being printed on paper that can’t be photocopied. Among other precautions.

Yeah, apparently the pages are on light-sensitive paper, so attempts to photocopy make the pages dissolve. (Doesn’t stop digital cameras, though)

They also place clever hidden keywords in the text, so that they can trace whose script it was should it ever be leaked. That’s what they did for Star Wars: Episode II, anyway.