This is all I can say.

Mr. Rilch was 40 feet away from Sam Raimi today.

That’s all I’m allowed to say.

Really?? Is he someone? Sam that is…

Sam Raimi is a big time Director, behind such cool movies as Evil Dead, and The Gift… and most importantly of all, SpiderMan!!!

Which is what he’s filming right now. Rilch mentioned in another thread that she hoped to get her Mr involved in the Spidey film… it looks like it happened :slight_smile:


And the winner is…GuanoLad!

Seriously, that is all I’m willing to say. He had to sign a non-disclosure waiver, or whatever you call it. He was mostly in the rafters, so he didn’t actually see much, and was too terrified to tell me or our visiting friend anything of what he did see. In fact, it specifically forbid posting on the Net, so I’m taking a bit of a risk just telling y’all this. I do, though, because I love you guys!

I love Mr. Rilch, too! This is his first big-budget film. Not his first with name actors or in a studio, but the first one that was like a Very Big Deal. I am so proud. It’s just overwhelming. The atmosphere must be so different from TV, or the independent or low-budget films he, and once upon a time I, have worked on. And he was in the rafters, watching it, spiderlike, in a way.

We need a fainting smilie.

Guano: When did I say that, anyway? I don’t remember it. Cool that it did happen, though!

About four or five days ago. You mentioned something about him being away when a call came through, and you were all excited about the prospect, but disappointed he may not be able to do it. And you even told us before you told him, I think.

Oh, right.

I am so jealous!

[sub]grumble, grumble, grumble[/sub]

::Wistfully pops Army of Darkness into the DVD player::

jeyen, I didn’t hear this from Mr. Rilch, but Bruce Campbell is supposed to make an appearance in this.

…and Ted Raimi too. See IMDB.

Aaaarghh! I’m in the wrong industry.

::Wistfully pops Escape from LA into the DVD player, to be followed by Lunatics: A Love Story::

There are few Sam Raimi movies that don’t have brother Ted or friend Bruce in them.

Bruce Campbell’s done his scenes already - he plays the Ring Announcer during a wrestling match between Spidey and Bonesaw McGraw. Filmed last week.

Whoa, Guano, how’d you know that?

Ah, you know how it is… ears to the grindstone, nose to the floor!

Um, I mean ears to the wall, eyes on the wheel, feet on the ground. Arms to your sides. Chest out, stomach in.


Well anyway, I read it on a website last week, as there were lots of extras in the crowd scenes telling tales.

I see! Said the blind man to his deaf wife as he stuck his wooden leg out the window to see if it was raining.