Rilchiam returns!

:::chorus from the TMs: Have you been away?:::

It took an ungodly amount of time to get the computer fixed. I had an “invasive screen saver”, as I mentioned. First, people we know tried to remove it, then we had to raise the money to get it fixed, then we had to raise more money because it took longer than we expected, and I finally have it back. Except I still have no sound, and the picture is terrible. :rolleyes:

But I am back on the boards, and I cannot tell you how much I have missed y’all. So much has happened in the past month that I wanted to discuss online! I promise to try not to resurrect old threads just to respond to them, unless I absolutely can’t resist, but I am going to go through and read everything that’s been said about Dale Earnhardt, the Iraqi bombing, the Santee shooting, Cheney’s heart problems, and all the rest of it.

I saw the Harry Potter trailer; I presume others did too! Mindboggling. Chris Columbus seems not to be the doof I thought he was.

I had a nice b-day with Mr. Rilch. I’m 31 now.

I’ve given up cursing for Lent.

Hope everyone else is well.

Well, shit, there’s just one more damn reason I’m glad not to fuckin’ be Catholic. :wink:

So has anyone you know ever give up being Catholic for Lent? Would that work, or is there some rule about that? Cuz that way, you could still celebrate your religion (technically anyway) but still eat meat, curse, etc all you want.

Anyway Welcome back and happy b-day, Rilchiam.

welcome back.

Thank you! No, no one gives up being Catholic for Lent: if they did, they wouldn’t need to observe Lent. Circular logic, don’t’cha know.

Also, if anyone remembers that Mr. Rilch is working on Spiderman:

  1. He wasn’t the person killed in the accident this week.

  2. He didn’t know the guy, either.

  3. In fact, he wasn’t on the set. The accident happened on a set that was being pre-rigged for use this coming week.

  4. Two workers were in a condor (one of those big buckets on top of a crane, like telephone linespeople use). One or the other miscalculated while driving it, and hit a curb. One worker was killed instantly, in a horrific way that I will not describe. The other was unhurt, but will seek therapy.

  5. There was a moment of silence the following day at wrap.

  6. Mr. Rilch had been talking of becoming a certified condor operator. I’m not crazy about the idea, but I’d prefer that he really know his stuff in a condor, if it has to be that way, rather than have him in one and capable of making a similar mistake.

  7. He was in a scissor lift last night…and someone bumped it with another piece of machinery. Twice. He immediately reported this to the gaffer, and the clown who bumped him was reprimanded, and sent back to the truck for the rest of the night.

  8. Sigh.

Yeah, I know, I just thought it was a funny idea.

I hadn’t heard about the Spiderman accident. :frowning: I’ve been following it as best I could, being a Sam Raimi fan and a comic book collector (Spiderman of course is my favorite).

I suppose this would be a rather tactless time to ask if Mr. Rilch could get me Willem Dafoe’s autograph, huh?

Welcome back, Ril’. I thought someone was missing at the recent Dopefest!

Welcome back, Rilchie!

While you were gone…

Some new posters came on board. Some old ones left. Some of the posters are still very smart (clears throat humbly). Some are still idiots (eyes everyone else suspiciously). Every imaginable viewpoint on every imaginable subject is represented here. If you’ve given up swearing for Lent, don’t go to the Pit till after Easter.

What else? Oh yes. Some posters found the love of their lives (in real life, I mean). Some split up. Everyone still flirts. Everyone wishes they were on the Straight Dope Crush List. Some Dopefests were held. Others are being planned.

I’d tell you more but I’ve just given up making lists for the remainder of the Lenten season. And I’m not even Catholic. But still – welcome back!

Hi, Johnny. Yes, I badly wanted to be there, but there was some miscommunication between me and Mr. Rilch. My car was broken down during this time also… It really ground my gears, because that was only the second ScuzzyDash that was practically in my backyard. Until the last moment, I thought I could be there, but there was that last moment. And of course, I couldn’t post my regrets.

Heh heh. Mr. Rilch did meet Willem Dafoe, but none of the other principals. I might have mentioned it already, but Sam Raimi said “Good job” to him at the end of a night.

Nice to meet you hammy.

I’m Merc.

Welcome back, Rilchiam. Happy belated B-day! :slight_smile:

That’s really sad about what happened on the set.

It sounds like Mr. Rilch is doing well. I’m sure Sam Raimi wouldn’t go around complimenting everyone (I’m assuming it’s a really big crew). I think you mentioned it before, but what’s Mr. Rilch position on the set? I’m thinking he’s an electrician, but I wasn’t sure.

And Happy Belated Birthday!

----:)/ x o x o x

Crunchy, you wound me.


And that is very sad about the man who died on the set. I hadn’t heard about it either.

silent_rob: Mr. Rilch is indeed an electrician. He’s being divided between first and second unit. Ironically, Raimi’s compliment was for preventing what would have been a minor accident. :frowning:

Is that what I’m doing wrong here? Jeez why dont you tell the newbies flirting is a prerequisite!
Nice to meet you Rilchiam :slight_smile:

Hey Pluto what ya doin later? :wink:

He must be really busy on the set if he’s being divided between two units.
It’s a good thing Mr. Rilch was on his toes. A minor accident is still an accident, and any kind of accident prevented is a very good thing.

Heehee! To clarify, I mean that this past week, he was with second unit, and this coming week, he’ll be with first. They trade him, and some of the others, off according to their needs. But he’s not running back and forth between sets; that would make the job more brutal than it already is!

Yes, accidents prevented are good. This particular one wouldn’t have caused an injury or a death, but it would have cost $$. I wonder if Raimi harks back to the days when the day’s budget was $50.

LOL! All right, that makes more sense. I was thinking, “Dang, he’d never get a second to even sit down.”

That reminds me of a quote a prof of mine mentioned: “Everyone on the set wants to be a director, except the director. He wants to be a rock star.” But yeah, you work hard to finally make it big, and then everything gets so complicated. Now he has the money for some really amazing stuff but he’s lost a lot of the freedom he used to have. Ah, maybe I’m just waxing nostalgic for the days of Evil Dead. :smiley: