Once again, Mr. Rilch dodges a bullet.

There was a fire on the set of T3 today. Now, the guy who informed Mr. Rilch may have been overstating it a tad, but he says Stage 2 has burned to the ground.

Mr. Rilch was long ago reduced to a dayplayer on T3. Yesterday, he got a call asking him to come in today. He couldn’t, because he’d already agreed to do a de-rig on another show, which would run well past midnight, and T3 wanted him in at 5 am. Pretty aggravating, we thought. But if he’d accepted the offer, he would have been on Stage 2.

We don’t yet know if anyone was killed or injured. I devoutly hope not. This shouldn’t set filming back too much: they were nearing the end of the studio scenes, and can stick to locations until other arrangements can be made.

But Mr. Rilch is now convinced he has a guardian angel. He also hopes his friends and cow-orkers do as well. (We can’t find anything on the news yet, and we’re not about to bother the production office.)

what is T3, please? Hope no one was hurt.

Terminator 3. And we still don’t know if anyone was hurt. But at this point, probably not, because if they had been, we would have heard. At least through the grapevine.

Some of you may remember that Mr. Rilch also worked on Spiderman. He wasn’t on the spot when the crewmember on that show was killed (that was a pre-rig). But I’m still grumbling over the fact that the film was not dedicated to him. From what I’ve heard, the guy’s widow is doing more than grumble about compensation.

Glad all seems okay. At least your life is not boring. :wink:

Hollywood is just strange… Interesting, but strange.


Gee, when I saw the title I was going to say that you needed the scope on your rifle sighted in again… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope everyone is OK.

Yes, they are. No one was hurt; they exited in the proverbial quiet, orderly manner.