Sam Rockwell's dance style

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Charlie’s Angels
Iron Man 2

Always on his toes with a lot of rotation in his ankles. What style is it? The world needs to know.

I don’t have an answer but I wanted to share this great clip of him dancing on Jimmy Fallon:

If only he danced in Moon…

(contains spoilers, some language not suitable for work)

Those are funky moves.

I would say the basis of that is James Brown. James Brown-style.

Definitely a James-Brown esque style, with hints of Michael Jackson.

It’s the Charleston with some additional moves thrown in.

I forgot about that. Although it’s not quite the same.

So I’ve always liked dancing, but I’m a white-boy through and through and never learned anything good.

I’ve toyed with Jumpstyle, Breakdancing, Pop and Lock, Heel and Toe, all to no avail… I’m an awkward man.

I instead tried to learn to dance to Swing music and older styles as I felt they can look really cool with minimal effort.

Then I saw Sam Rockwell dance in Iron Man 2 and felt that THAT was the style of dance I would try to learn for weddings, birthdays, bars, etc and look cool without embarrassing myself. Finally after looking up on Google and I see others are lost as to what his style of dancing could be called, or referred to to find out more reference material.

SOUL. He dances like he has a base in Soul dancing, a la Soul Train.

Take a look at this link and tell me the moves aren’t from Soul.

The smoothness of the moves, the foot work, the criss-crossing of the calves/ankles, etc. It’s all there.

Enjoy, and Cheers.

(noting age of thread, hilarious zombie joke nobody else was ready for, etc.)

Agreed, CthuluSpecialK, and welcome! Soul and the James Brown are really synonymous, I would say. And another way of describing the James Brown is as a Charleston with a little something extra (a funky Charleston, even!). See also Janelle Monae videos.

I also wholeheartedly agree that this is a great option for the modern white man looking to impress on the dance floor, since it doesn’t require much in the way of stank in the core region, which is really where these kinds of campaigns tend to fall apart.

Here’s a currently available video. The aspect ratio is kind of messed up, but you get the idea.

[QUOTE]]To me it looks like the Mashed Potato with a lot of added James Brown flair.
Geez! I can’t add a link for shit!