Sammy Hagar song...

Does anyone know the title to any of his recent songs? The one I need was played constantly at the beginning of 1999. It seems like it was only 3 words or so in the chorus and he said it ocnstantly. I don’t recall it having many verses…I have no idea what this song is, but I liked it at the time and now no one I know can think of it. I wonder why? Considering I can’t think of any of the words. Can someone who is a fan list a few of his more recent songs? Thanks.

Is ‘Marching to Mars’ what you’re thinking of ?

I think it could be, I’ll try to get the lyrics off the net or napster and see if it sounds right. Thanks.

“Both Sides Now”, or something like that, also came off the Marching to Mars album, and got more airplay than the title cut, at least here.


I’m guessing that you’re thinking of
“Mas Tequila”

Maybe I should open a thread called “ask the DJ”…