samples for special needs kids

I am looking to find Free samples for some special needs kids to help teach hygein and for them to use at home. Anyone got any ideas on how to find them.:confused:

A local hotel may be willing to donate soap and shampoo, and you can probably get toothpaste, toothbrushes and floss from your dentist.

If you’re in a school setting, why not post something on ?

My church (UU ) collects soap and toiletries for distribution to the poor, I assume this is not unique. You have what sounds like a worthy aim, so if you can find a church that will let you put out a 5 gallon bucket with a sign on it, you can probably get what you need. You need to be sure to place it on a table or counter so that it is not mistaken for a trash can.

Target and Walmart both make very large efforts to support local causes. Consider asking them for donations.

Note: the effectiveness of this may depend on whether you are a charity, or are associated with one. If you are not a charity yourself, perhaps a better first step would be to contact one that deals with these issues and see if they can provide something.

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Free samples of what, precisely?

Dermatologist’s offices get a lot of samples of soap, shampoo, lotion, and sunscreen, and sometimes deodorant. You could call a few and ask for donations.

The church food/clothing pantry I sometimes volunteer with puts together hygiene kits they hand out to homeless visitors and really, anyone who asks. If there was a good reason, like if they were at-risk like special needs children, they might be willing to donate locally. They don’t ever have enough already but if it was a big enough need they’d probably rouse up some churches to donate to them.

You could check around some of your local pantries?