Samsung laptops released with spyware -- is yours clean?

I see from this article that Samsung released laptops with Starlogger installed, which logs keystrokes and takes screen captures so “the company can monitor performance.”

Out of curiosity, anyone here have a Samsung laptop with this installed?

Well, I’m certainly not going to be buying a Samsung laptop in the near future. Especially after reading Samsung’s lack of credible explanation.

Update on this can be found here. In summary, someone who works for Network World REALLY should know better :slight_smile:

Engadget has also updated their piece from yesterday with the same news

Nothing to see here, move along please (apart from complaining about crappy journalism for link baiting).

Well, hell. I thought there was something interesting going on. :frowning:

Well, interesting in that the journalist should have checked things a little more carefully before doing a chicken little :slight_smile: I noticed that Ars Technica has got an article on this one as well.

Wouldn’t that mean that the security software would find it on every computer?