Sandal care and maintenance

I’m fairly new to sandals, having worn relatively disposable flip flops or sneakers or anything but sandals. I recently bought a pair which look a bit like these. However, my efforts at keeping them clean have been ineffectual. Scrubbing, soaking, etc. They often are rather, well, ripe, and I can’t seem to keep them in a presentable state, at least to my nose. So what are your sandal care and wash tips?

I drop mine in the washing machine - it works well, but not recommended for more delicate footwear.

I make a fairly strong mixture of Tea Tree oil and water in a mist/spray bottle and apply it to the inside of my tennis shoes. (I store the mister in a cool dark place after use.) It works to keep the smell down. Not sure how well it would work with your sandals, have you tried airing them in sunlight too?

What kind of sandals do you have? I’ve balked at tossing mine in the washer because of the rubber, plastic clasps, etc.

I’ll try the sunlight thing.

Where can i pick up Tea Tree Oil? Can I go to, say, Walmart, will I have to find a health food store?

You should be able to find tea tree oil at pharmacies and drugstores now.

I now have Okabashi sandals. They’re supposed to be antimicrobial. I wear them before and after water aerobics, wipe them dry with the towel, and they really don’t have an odor that I can detect.

I’ve got rubber and platic clasps etc too. Since the water temp is only 40°C, that’s a lot cooler than walking around in the sun. Don’t stick them in the dryer, though.

I take that back; they smell a bit like chocolate. Don’t ask why.