Sandalfeet's return!

yes, i have been gone for a month or so, dealing with and sorting through some personal shit. I needed some time to mull things over but now i’m back! still currently dealing with some rather annoying shit with somwone from my past but i can deal for now. Now for the long overdue update: some of you remember, about 2 months ago, we had to put down our new puppy. we recently got a new pup named bandit. He’s a boarder collie/ lab.

2.on april 18th i celebrated a year of sobriety(from an addiction to prescription painkillers)

  1. after two years of having them, i got rid of my dreads! ahhh!! it was a shock to all, as i didnt tell anyone i was going to do it. i now have chin length STRAIGHT hair. lol, oddly enough, i’ve never felt sexier, or had more guys hit on me since i’ve cut my hair :smiley:

  2. and as usual, everything between me and the SO is terrific!
    glad to be back!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Welcome back!

Just in time for spring. Unless you live in Saskatchewan…


Yes, yes, welcome back. I vaguely recall one of your posts…I think. It could have been someone else entirely, though.

Tell me if this was you: Did you or did you not promise to give me $10,000,000 when you returned? I could sworn that was you…

nope, sorry, wasn’t me. anywho, it was an unplaned absence. :slight_smile: