Sandra Bernhard makes rape funny again!

Sandra brings the house down

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone said that Palin should be raped, but why did it have to be a Jewish comedian? When David Duke can take the high moral ground over you, you know you’re doing well.

I can’t believe she’s still working in the entertainment industry. She was never relevant, and yet is somehow less relevant now than she used to be.

If by relevant you mean funny, I agree.

You owe me 1:45 of my life back…

Sandra Bernhard offends someone! News Flash! Film at 11! Alert the media!

In other news, the sky is blue, rain is wet and space is cold. Thank you and good night.

Sandra Bernhard…when your dictionary doesn’t have a definition for “ugly.”

I didn’t even click on the video but just in that still shot, that “woman” looks more like Tom Berenger playing a USMC gunnery sergeant in drag.

She’s hot…at least, Madonna thought so once, so it must be true…

Upon further review, she’s not funny. At all.

Paging Sarah Silverman!

Again? When was rape funny before? (or Sandra Bernhard for that matter)

When did she mention rape? Something about a shaved twat? I am drunk so I’m sorry for being dense.

I watched your fucking clip and read the review. Where does Sandra Bernhardt say Sarah Palin should be raped? She calls Palin a turncoat bitch and tells her to lay off the Old Testament, stick to her goyische, shiksa New Testament… and that’s it. So please, if you’re going to put something inflammatory in your thread title, at least provide an accurate cite.

Yeah, I just watched the clip and didn’t hear anything about rape. And I was sober when I watched it.

Total nitpick: Space isn’t cold. It’s not warm either. There is no temperature in space.

Here you go, guys:

(Source: Associated Press)

Ya, sorry about not putting in the direct cites about the rape comment - I missed the ‘edit window’ and then got called away. In any case, there is reference to it in the comments on that page.


I guess it depends on how you tell it, or who the person getting raped is (and, of course, the answer to the parenthetical question is ‘never’).

On the subject of the humor of rape:

That’s a really interesting clip, Lobohan. Not at all funny, but interesting.

I wish I had the time to read all 2,200 (or whatever) comments on it, where strangely it seemed to have moved over to a discussion of whether lack of Christianity leads to child abuse. Which is a whole other discussion and series of pit threads.

If you don’t think Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd is funny, then I guess you and I have different opinions on that subject.

It make have elicited a slight turn of the mouth … the first couple times I heard it. But I knew what that link was without even having to open it, which should say something about its ubiquity.